Flimp Croaks Performing Stand-Up Comedy in Today’s Comic Strip

Flimp the Chimp commands the stage as he does stand-up comedy in today's comic strip from Texas based cartoonist Davy Jones.
Flimp the Chimp commands the stage as he does stand-up comedy in today’s comic strip from Texas-based cartoonist Davy Jones.

So, What Happens Next?

First off, the comic strip I present today is a trilogy of sorts. The strip continues through the next two comic strips. Today, we present “What Happens Between the Strips”. So, what happens next? As you can see in the last panel, Flimp drops the microphone, a sign that he has peaked in his performance.

Bang!!! Zoom!!!! The microphone screams with feedback as it drops onto the floor.

“Oopa eek!” screeches Flimp.

“Flimp says he has a million more jokes”, explains Frenchy… “But first he needs to call his agent.”

Charmy raises his eye left eyebrow and responds inquisitively, “Agent”?

“All professional stand-up comedians have agents”, explains Frenchy. “On the comedy circuit, Flimp is known as Atiller de Pun.”

“Really”, remarks Charmy in a slow, drawn-out tone.

“Yep”, confirms Frenchy. “One cool fact, Flimp uses a french accent”.

“Charmy’s eyes grow huge as he responds, “How can you tell”?

Meanwhile, Flimp has been on the phone with his agent. Flimp puts away his phone and grins a huge smile.

“What did your agent say Flimp?”, asks Frenchy.

“Oopa ee ee eek!”, screeches Flimp.

“Wow! That is great!”, says an excited Frenchy. “Charmy, Flimp has landed a gig as the opening act for Gassy Cassey”!

Charmy takes a step back, scratches his head, and asks, “Who”?

“Gassy Cassey!”, exclaims Frenchy. “He is the king of the fart jokes”.

“I have heard of working blue…”, says Charmy… “Does this mean that guy works pooh”?

“Um, please leave the jokes to the professionals”, asks Frenchy as she turns her attention back to Flimp… “Flimp, please tell us another joke”.

And you have to wait until next week to see what happens next! Click HERE to continue the story!!!


Comic Con Season Ends on a Sour Note

I had a huge show planned for this weekend for which I invested a ton of money. New business cards were purchased. My first big retractable banner was created and purchased. I killed myself working on new sketch cards that will now sit in my inventory until my next big show scheduled for June. These cards were my ticket to paying off my investments, so now instead of killing it this year, I will just do a little over break-even.

The good news is that I have already received my money back for the table fee. The big issue is that I am so bummed today because I was looking forward to seeing my dear friends Greg Peters, Guy Gilchrist, Brian Salinas, Travis Huffman, and Patrick Yarbrough. My plan was to set up super early on Friday (yesterday) and hang out assisting them all with anything they needed… and just do some crucial networking. I had such a good feeling about this show. I just knew a big break was waiting for me this weekend.

I have one last show on December 4th, but it is a one-day show. It will only be a break-even venture because making table back usually takes most of the first day at any show. For those artists who read my blogs looking for a secret to comic con success, all I can share with you is this. Success is had at every show. Making money is NOT success. I truly only know of a few artists who make a decent amount of money appearing at these shows.

Success is measured by the fandom you build with your show appearances. I have gained a huge audience show after show! The other success one gets is acquiring freelance gigs. This was the first year I succeeded at getting some real work in the form of a Children’s Book Illustrator for a series starring two characters named Chief and Sarge.

How do you get your copy of Chief and Sarge – A Day at the Races? Check back next week. Subscribe to my blog to receive updates via email…

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Meantime, if you are in the Houston area and find yourself free December 4th, come to Mont Belvieu, Texas (just a few miles east of Houston off of I-10) and see me at Nerd Con. Details can be found on my Facebook event page… HERE.



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