Flimp’s Joke in Today’s Comic Strip is “Ripe for the Picking”

Flimp the Chimp continues to tell even MORE jokes in today's funny Comic Strip by cartoonist Davy Jones.

We now conclude the story and tie in all three of the previous comic strips.

To start from the beginning, click HERE to read the first blog.

Frenchy turns to Flimp the Chimp and confirms the truth, “Oh, your jokes smell worse than Turtle…” she pauses and concludes, “by a lo-o-o-o-ong shot”.

Weaver walks up, “Holy Macanoodle! what stinks like rotting garbage?”

Frenchy responds, “Flimp’s terrible jokes”.

“It’s me!”, interrupts an angry Turtle. “I fell into a ditch full of skunks. I scared them and they sprayed me with their skunk junk.”

“Well, why did you fall into a ditch filled with skunks? asks Weaver.

“Yeah, why didn’t you just fall into an empty ditch?” asks Frenchy. “Why pick one full of skunks?”

Frenchy pauses again, tapping her finger to her chin as she reflects.

“Yeah, something is fishy here”, continues Frenchy.

“Um… I don’t think so”, says Weaver. “This definitely smells like skunk. Fish smells much different than this.”

“Oop doop”, says Flimp nodding in agreement.

“Still not as smelly as Flimp’s jokes”, says Frenchy as she educates Weaver.

“How bad can they be?” asks Weaver.

“Oopa eek eek oo oo ack” asks Flimp.

“I don’t know”, admits Frenchy. “What kind of teachers never farts in front of other people?”

“Eeka oo oo!”, yells Flimp.

Frenchy responds in an irritated tone, “Private tooters?!? That makes no sense”.

Weaver, who is grinning ear-to-ear, responds with a chuckle, “Private tooter! That is actually very funny!”

Up walks Sarge and we cut to a new scenario. Scene ends.


2021 Comic Con Season Ends

My 2021 Comic Con Season is over. Once again, I managed to make a profit at every show. The smaller shows were all money-makers, but they were not profitable enough to keep on my radar for 2022. The current plans are to only make appearances at larger shows in 2022.

Here is the list of shows I plan on making appearances at in 2022…

BrazCon in January – Small show but insanely profitable.
Hill Country Comic Con – Medium size with good attendance.
Comicpalooza – HUGE show… and my second best showing.
Bell County Comic Con – HUGE show… and my best showing.
Greater Austin Comic Con – Medium size with good attendance.

In 2023, I may drop one of the two medium-size shows and replace that show with a big show somewhere out of the great state of Texas. The list of shows I have in mind require artist approval just to get a table… and the competition is so talented.

In order to sweeten the pot, I must do my best to be accepted into the National Cartoonist Society with full membership. That credential will open all sorts of doors for me on the comic con scene as well as with my new career as a Children’s Book Illustrator. This blossoming career as an illustrator is the other reason for cutting back on my show appearances… I need more time to work on lucrative projects.


CHIEF AND SARGE – A Day at the Races is available for purchase!

Be sure and check out my debut as a Children’s Book Illustrator! Join Chief and Sarge as they learn the true lesson in friendship in “A Day at the Races”, written by award-winning author C. J. Peterson.

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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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