Frenchy has a SPECIAL Present for a Very Naughty Charmy in today’s Comic Strip

Frenchy gives a much needed gift in today's Holiday comic strip from Charmy's Army and cartoonist Davy Jones.

So what happens next?

“Now way Frenchy. I can’t smell!”, yells Charmy.

Up walks Weaver who interrupts with, “I agree there is no way he could smell”.

“Thank you Weaver”, says a thankful Charmy.

Weaver looks dead-serious as he remarks, “Yeah, there is just no way you could smell. If you could smell, you would know how badly you stink like rotting garbage”.

“Wait, what?!?” expresses an astonished Charmy.

Up walls Flimp the Chimp who yells, “Opa oopa eek eek eek!”

“Ha ha ha!” laughs Frenchy, “You are so right! That IS an insult to rotting garbage. Apologise Weaver”. “Dang you are so right”, says a saddened Weaver, “For all the rotting heaps of garbage out across the country and in landfills in counties all over our great country, I am truly sorry for offending you”.

“If I smelled that bad, I would know”, screams Charmy. “Heck, I take a bath every day”.

“What? Are you serious?”, asks Frenchy. “Are you considering sweating during our morning maneuvers a bath?”

“No. Of course not”, Charmy corrects Frenchy. “I take a quick shower before our morning drills. It is the only way I can wake up enough to drag my butt out to the assembly”.

“And you do not take a shower after our five-mile hike?”, asks Frenchy.

“Of course not”, admits Charmy. “I have to get to breakfast before the food completely spoils. Every second counts with the slop Lunch Lady cooks up every morning”.

“Gross”, replies Frenchy.

Weaver thinks for a minute and points his finger in the air as if it interject.

“Charmy, I have a proposal for you”, says Weaver.

“Thanks, Weaver… but I kind of have a girlfriend”, says Charmy.

“Who? Scarlet Jo Trashcan?”, asks Frenchy.

“Look, I have a serious proposal”, says Weaver. “Charmy, you start showering after our morning drills for three straight weeks, and I will be your personal breakfast chef”.

“You can cook?”, asks Frenchy.

“Can I cook?”, responds Weaver.

“Yes, can you cook”, repeats Frenchy.

Of course, I can”, admits Weaver.

“Oopa eek eek?”, asks Flimp the Chimp.

“Can you cook GOOD?” asks Frenchy.

“Oh, I am terrible”, admits Weaver.

“Doesn’t matter”, says Charmy. “No one can be as bad as Lunch Lady. You are on!”

Cut to a scene with Weaver asking for Turtle for some help… And we will continue this another day.


2022 Comes to an End

What an amazing year! I illustrated my first children’s book. I had two record-breaking shows that paid off my tables for the next four years, I have had so many commission requests that I had to turn down work. I have a bunch of voice actors fighting over roles in the upcoming animated version of Charmy’s Army. I am hoping this momentum keeps blowing up as 2022 gets here.

I am working on goals for 2022. I should have a blog posting next week outlining my plans for success in 2022 which are all being carefully thought through. I have a tendency to overcommit. This overcommitment leads to a huge disappointment every year.

This past year, I had committed to becoming a member of the National Cartoonists Society as a FULL member. I was shot down in two weeks after my submission was sent over. I just knew I had enough backers and that my success over the past three years was going to get me into this amazing assembly of professional cartoonists. I was crushed to tears when I received my rejection letter in the mail. Think about it… I received a letter two weeks after I asked to join. I was rejected QUICKLY!!! Worst day of my cartooning career.

In 2022, my goal will be to “just send a new submission”. I will not anticipate any success this time… but it won’t matter because that rejection is still going to sting, lol…

2022 will be awesome. Come join me for the amazing ride!



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