Frenchy makes Goals for the New Year in Today’s Comic Strip

Frenchy makes goals for the new year in today's comic strip by cartoonist Davy Jones

So, what happens next?

Charmy scratches his head and says, “That is not what the term “Soul Mate” means”.

“Well, whatever”, says an irritated Frenchy. “When I find a mate, we will be mates for life. We will be like penguins. Penguins mate for life”.

“Well, penguins only life to be 15 to twenty years old”, responds Charmy, “They don’t have to put up with each other very long”.

“Huh…”, sighs Frenchy. “Maybe soul mates don’t really exist.”

Weaver walks up and interrupts, “Did I hear you talking about soul mates?”

Frenchy responds, “Yes, I am determined to find my soul mate this year.”

“Well I am determined to find my troll mate”, reveals Weaver.

“What the heck is a troll mate?” asks Charmy.

“A troll mate is someone who likes to read the same posts online that you like to read,” explains Weaver… “and like you, they do not like to leave responses to these posts.”

“What?” asks both Frenchy and Charmy.

“I want someone I can troll posts with so I have someone to talk to the posts about without having the internet come down on you for stating your opinions,” explains Weaver.

“Whoa, that is cool”, says Frenchy. “I want one of those too. I hate leaving responses on posts because people can be so cruel when commenting on your post. I end up trolling too.”

“Cool! Let’s be troll mates!” exclaims Weaver.

“LET’S!”, yells Frenchy and they walk away together.

Charmy responds quietly to himself, “Holy macca trolly”…

End scene.



I pray that you all have a great 2022. I have been working up a list of goals for 2022, but I ended up deleting it. The past two years have been a bit disappointing, so I am not going to set any goals this year. I am going to work hard and let the chips fall where they may. I am not setting myself up for disappointment again. This year will be the year I work hard and enjoy the ride without worrying about the potholes or the detours that always mar my journey.

I am going to pass on sending my comic strip out to the syndicates this year because I never hear back, and that sound of silence is pretty heartbreaking… I never hear back on my submissions. I will pass this year when it comes to applying for full membership into the National Cartoonists Society because have not done anything yet to deserve that membership. I will also pass on submitting my strip for any award recognition this year because I always take those rejections extremely hard.

I will make a few positive moves. I will create a ton of art to sell at my comic con appearances. I will continue writing episodes for the Animated Series which will be pitched in 2023. I will continue staying positive and continue believing in myself. The trick this year is to work hard and fly under the radar. This way, if anything positive actually happens, it will be enjoyed immensely. Over the past year, I could never enjoy any of the positive moments because they were always shadowed by bigger disappointments.

In summary, I am just going to run through the year and have fun.



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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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