Frenchy contacts the Dead in Today’s Comic Strip

Every week, we dig into our weekly comic strip and ask the big question… What happens next? Our story continues with Frenchy using a medium to reach out to the spirit world. Let’s continue this story and see what happens next.


“Um, yeah… maybe”, says the Medium.

“Wait, so everyone is naked in the afterlife?”, asks Charmy.

Theoretically”, says the medium. “…But they are just a glob of gas. The spirits are just invisible masses of energy”.

“Well if they are all naked, I am sure they are chock full of energy”, explains Charmy. “It is caused by testosterone.”

“You do not understand. The spirits cannot see each other”, says the medium.

“So, can they play charades in the afterlife?”, asks Frenchy.

“No.” responds the medium.

The medium looks to his left and raises his eyebrow, shrugging as if he has been corrected.

“Well, it appears they can play charades”, says the medium. “Agnes just said she plays charades all the time.”

“How?” asks Frenchy.

“Yeah, how?”, the medium asks the spirit world.

The medium shakes his head up and down in agreement as the spirits explain how the games are played.

“Well, I stand corrected”, says the medium. “We cannot see them, but it appears that they can see each other”.

“Woo hoo!” exclaims Charmy. “The afterlife is a nudist colony!”

“Um, no”, says the Medium. “They are stuck wearing the clothes they died in… or wore last. The clothes cannot be removed. They live forever in their last manner of dress”.

“Wait!” interrupts Frenchy. “Do you mean to say everyone wears the same clothes day in and day out in the spirit world? They must smell rancid!”

“Gross!” yells Charmy. “So the ‘smell of death’ is the smell of soiled clothing”.

“Look, there is no smell in the afterlife” reassures the medium. “Odors do not exist in the afterlife. There are just happy spirits floating through eternity”.

“And that is what they mean when they say someone is in good spirits”, says Frenchy.

“And I thought it was a reference to a happy drunk”, admits Charmy.

“Then what do you call a mean drunk?”, asks Frenchy.

“You don’t call them anything”, explains Charmy. “You do not want to tick off a mean drunk”.

“You don’t call him anything”, explains Charmy. “You do not want to tick off a mean drunk”.

“Can we please get on with this séance?”, asks the medium.

We will stop here and pick this story up NEXT WEEK!



True story. A few days ago, It was around 2:00 am and I was deep asleep dreaming away. The dream switched over to a cartoon starring Charmy and Doc. The narrative stated “panel one”.

“We did a study once to see if a human could hold their breath longer than a frog”, says Doc.

“Really?”, says Charmy.

The narrative now reads, “panel two”.

“Yes”, says Doc, “Problem is our case study was difficult to work with”.

The narrative now reads, “Panel three”,

“I can only imagine how hard it was to work with a frog”, says Charmy.

“Oh, the frog was great”, admits Doc.

The narrative now reads “Last panel”

“It was me”, explains Doc. “I kept passing out from lack of oxygen”.

I jumped out of bed to write this down. Moments later my wife enters the room asking why I am up. I explained I had another idea for the comic strip so I had to write it down. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Remember, this is at 2:00 am.

My wife is half asleep and proceeds to open the door asking, “who is it?” as she opens the door.

Standing there is a masked man with a gun. I run up thinking I can just scare him away I pop up from behind my wife and yell….


Then I woke up for real as my wife was watching television. It was actually only 10:30. She asks why I sat up in bed and yelled, “Boo!” I explained I was just checking where our dog Boo Boo was and then rolled over in embarrassment.

I wonder if Charles m Shultz dreamt in cartoons?



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