Frenchy has a Special Birthday Present for Weaver in Today’s Comic Strip

Once again, I will reveal more about today’s story and expand the entertainment value of my work for my valued fans. Frenchy is celebrating Weaver’s birthday and has yet another special gift for him WHAT IS IT? Read the blog and hear THE REST OF THE STORY!!!

So, what happens next?

Weaver blows out the candles as Frenchy’s face looks disgusted.

“Gross!” yells Frenchy. “You spit all over the cake!”

“What the heck are you talking about?”, asks Weaver. “You said the cake came out of the garbage. How was that not gross?”

“Duh…”, remarks Frenchy. “There was no one spitting in the trash”.

Frenchy clasps her hands together and extends the clasped grip downward toward the ground as she leans forward with a silly grin growing slowly across her face.

“Open up your present!” says Frenchy as she changes the mood a bit. “I am dying to see your reaction!”

There are three horse flies buzzing around the smelly package. The three flies are buzzing around the smelly present wrapped in purple wrapping paper. Weaver’s eyes follow the flies and their erratic flight pattern as his face begins to look very worried.

“So where did you find my gift?” asks Weaver.

“Oh, it was buried under a pile of treasure!” responds Frenchy.

“Cool!” exclaims Weaver! “Where did you find a stack of treasure?”

“In the dumpster behind El Burro Chinese Buffet”, reveals Frenchy. “You know what they say… One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

“Holy macca noodle”, mumbles Weaver.

“Open. Open. Open!” chants Frenchy.

Weaver begins slowly unwrapping the gift. Frenchy is hopping up and down clapping her hands.

Weaver has removed the paper, revealing a box. He slowly opens the box and Weaver’s eyes open wide with excitement.

“Cool!”, yells Weaver. “It is a necktie with a cool splatter design. I love it!”

“Oh, that is probably just hot and sour soup”, explains Frenchy. “It WAS in the garbage, ya know”.

Weaver sniffs the tie and his head jerks backward.

“Oh, that is not soup…”, says Weaver.

“Oh, it just needs to be cleaned”, says Frenchy. “A little bleach and this will be as good as new”.

“I think the bleach has eaten through to your brain”, says Weaver as he refers to Frenchy’s blonde hair.

End scene.



I love this little comic con so much. This year, I sold twice as many original pieces this year compared to what I sold in the first two years combined. I sold out of my Charmy’s Army comic book in three hours. I had people laughing during my panel which ended in applause. I just wish my wife was able to have made it to the show. She had a lot of projects at her day job keeping her from tagging along.

The highlight of my weekend came on the second day. A young kid who purchased a few sketch cards on Saturday returned with some amazing art of his own. His father informed me that I had impressed him so much with my art that his son went home and cut paper out at the same size as my sketch cards and drew three amazing drawings. I was holding back tears.


I let the kid know how talented he was… and he was. His drawings were so good. His marker work was top-notch. I have him three hard collector shells for his art. I told him to use them to protect and preserve his awesome drawings. I also told him to keep drawing every day and never give up dreaming and creating. I did not have to make a profit at Hill Country Comicon, because in this one moment, I was the richest artist at the show.

That said, I made a killing at the show.

Then there was the visit from a real ghost. Wait, are ghosts real? Well, something visited me in my hotel room. First the backstory. The Faust Hotel, which is where I stayed, is notoriously haunted by several ghosts. I stayed on the second floor which is haunted by an 8-year old girl. The first night I was sitting on the end of my bed when the middle lock, which is only accessed from inside the room, began shaking like crazy. I jumped up and ran to the door as it stopped. I opened the door and no one was there. The lady at the front desk confirmed that this is what happens all the time on the second floor as the little ghost girl loves playing with the locks.

I told my wife about this. We are never going to get to stay there again. Lol…. She is such a chicken.

Thanks to everyone who made this show so awesome! I will be back in 2023. Hill Country Comicon is now my favorite show. I cannot wait to return and share my love of cartooning with the amazing fans in the Texas Hill Country!!!



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