Frenchy tries to Poison Charmy in Today’s Comic

Once again, I will reveal more about today’s story and expand the entertainment value of my work for my valued fans. Frenchy feeds fake meat to Charmy and dang-near poisons him. Read the blog and hear THE REST OF THE STORY!!!

So, what happens next?

“Hold on a second,” says Charmy as he begins to cough and gag. “I think I’m coughing up a hairball. Are you sure this isn’t cat meat?”

“No…,” says a visibly angered Frenchy. “It is plant-based meat from that new health store that opened up in Antlanda”.

“You mean that new bar and grill called Plant It Earth?”. asks Charmy. That place is run by a bunch of hippies”.

“Yeah, they call themselves The Healthy Hippies”, Frenchy informs Charmy. “They are healthier than anyone I know.”

“Well, you do hang around a lot of junk food fanatics,” says Charmy.

Up walks Weaver who greets the gang. “Hey, Guys! Have you tried the Tupip Fish Sandwich at Plant It Earth? This is amazing!”

“You do know that there is no fish in that sandwich, right?” asks Charmy.

“I know”, Weaver explains. “I have become a Veterinarian.”

“I think you mean that you’ve become a Vegetarian”, says Charmy.

“Yeah Weaver. You mean to say that you are a vegetarian”, says Frenchy. “We are already Veterinarians because we are all in the army.”

Up walks Flimp who yells, “Oops ee ee eek!”

“Oh!”, says an educated Frenchy. “Flimp explained that we will not be Veterinarians until AFTER we serve”.

“Hey, Weaver. I gave Charmy a BLT Burger and he nearly tossed his cookies!”, reveals Frenchy.

“There wasn’t any bacon, lettuce, or tomatoes on that burger”, says Charmy.

“That is because you have to ask for extras”, explains Frenchy.

“Okay…” says a baffled Charmy. “What does BLT stand for?”

“Baby’s Breath, lilac, and tulip”, says Frenchy.

“Poisoned”, says Charmy. “I have been poisoned. I need to get the antidote into my system”.

“What’s the antidote”, asks Weaver.

“Chicken fried steak”, says Charmy.

“Meat is murder”, says Frenchy.

“That is why they always say that “Flippin’ Burger Joint makes KILLER burgers”.

And we better end this here before I get myself in trouble… lol. If you ever met me, you know I love to eat meat. I have tried the plant-based stuff, and I am with Charmy on this one.



I have been one of only 30 artists/vendors chosen to take part in Bedrock City’s first comic con! Om May 14th, I will be at the No Label Brewery for this amazing one-day event. Here, I am going to try something a little different. There will ONLY be original art for sale. No prints. If I can get comic books printed in time, I will have copies for sale… but the rest of the show will feature real art.

This will be a short, 6-hour show beginning at 12 noon. I am not heading here looking for big sales. My plan is to go into this show with two goals in mind… One: Relax…. and Two: Have fun. These huge shows are so much work and I never get to have fun after the shows are over. I am going to pace this slowly, enjoy the surroundings, and look for a great place to eat in Katy afterward. I am betting there is a good BBQ joint nearby.

If you plan on attending, get your commissions in NOW. I am about to begin work on another children’s book for Chief and Sarge so my time will be limited as we near showtime.

For more information, check out their Facebook Event Page



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