Weaver is Eating More Spoiled Egg Salad Sandwiches

Once again, I will reveal more about today’s story and expand the entertainment value of my work for my valued fans. Weaver is caught egging rotten egg salad sandwiches again. Read the blog and hear THE REST OF THE STORY!!!

So, what happens next?

“Dude, you have a serious problem”, says Charmy. “But don’t worry, I called in an intervention”.

Up walks a lady with big glasses, dressed in a pants suit who says, “I hear someone has an eating disorder”.

“Yes, it’s this guy”, says Charmy. “His name is Weaver”.

“You look in relatively healthy shape for having an eating disorder”, says the lady. “What seems to be the exact nature of his issue?”

“Can’t you smell it?”, asks Charmy. “Weaver here is addicted to eating rotten eggs”.

“Sir, that is NOT a real eating disorder” explains the lady.

“Well, you just wait for a second and you’ll see”, says Charmy. “His stomach is about to be called ‘pot of order’. and will be thrown out of court.”

“That is disgusting, but still not a real eating disorder”, says an angered lady. She storms off in a huff.

“I guess you are on your own Weaver”, say Charmy and he grins with a worried expression and slowly walks away.

Weaver stands alone with the flies still buzzing around him. The flies stay in one spot as Weaver walks off-screen.

Weaver pops back into the shot and talks to the flies… “Hey guys, follow me if you want seconds”.

And the flies scurry over to weaver in a flash and follow Weaver as he again walks off-screen.

That was disgusting, and I apologize! End of story


What Inspires Davy To Create?

I get asked all the time, “How do I come up with my ideas?” I wish I could give you my secret. Ideas just pop into my head. I do not even try, and ideas pop into my head. I am always riding a natural high. My energy level is through the room. My inspiration to always be on clous nine? Life. I am high on life every day.

I see a sunrise or a sunset, and I am inspired. I hear a child’s laughter and I remember my own sons’ laughter and I am inspired. This may sound odd, but I drive into work on a Monday morning and I get to see my co-workers and I get to help build the amazing company I work for, and I am inspired. I hear a Cheap Trick song or a Beatles tune, and I am inspired. I smell Bacon or Coffee and I am inspired. Everything inspires me.

If I coul;d give anyone advice, I would suggest pumping yourself up with joy before you create, Get your adrenaline pumped up and create like the wind. Creating when you are not inpired is like driving cross-country on an empty tank pf gas,



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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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