Blue’s Thought-Stealing Hat Protects a Brilliant Idea in Today’s Comic Strip

Once again, I will reveal more about today’s story and expand the entertainment value of my work for my valued fans. Blue has a brilliant idea he is keeping a big secret. Read the blog and hear THE REST OF THE STORY!!!

So, what happens next?

Up walks Frenchy wearing a cowboy hat and sporting a huge, silly grin.

In her twangy, East Texas accent, Frenchy asks Charmy, “Guess what I am thinking right now!”

Charmy responded, “I was looking at your goofy hat and was just wondering “what you were thinking”.

“Come on, Charmy”, says Frenchy with a giggle. “Try and guess what I am thinking right now”.

“Okay”, answers Charmy. “You are thinking about trail riding a herd of cattle to the stockade in Fort Worth”.

“Nope, but a very good guess”, admits Frenchy. “There is no way you can ever read my mind!” Frenchy lifts off her hat revealing a tin foil hat, just like the one Blue is wearing. She adds, “It was impossible to steal my thoughts because…”

Charmy quickly interrupts, “Because no one can read minds.”

“NO-o-o-o…”, says Frenchy with a scowl on her face. “You cannot read my mind because I am wearing Blue’s Tin Foil Hat. It traps my brainwaves under the hat”.

“So it doe absolutely nothing”, responds Charmy.

Up walks Weaver wearing a tinfoil hat. “Hi Guys!”, says Weaver as he greets the gang.

“Not you as well”, says Charmy as he slaps his own forehead in disbelief.

“You know how you can just think about buying something and…. BAM!, the product appears in your feed on social media?” asks Weaver.

“Come to think of it, yeah… that is so odd”, admits Charmy.

“Well, ever since I started wearing this amazing hat, my feed has been clear of junk I want to buy”, reveals Weaver. “As a matter of fact, I have seen a reduction in ads altogether”.

“Well, I am in!”, says Charmy. “Blue. how much are you selling them for?”

“Fifty dollars”, says Blue.

“I know you are bluffing me”, says Charmy.

“You do?”, asks Blue as he removed the hat and crumbles it up. “I guess this thing DOESN’t work afterall”. With that Blue storms off.

“Well, I am still gonna wear mine”, says Frenchy. “It makes me feel electrifying”.

“Wear it during a thunderstorm, and you will REALLY feel electrifying”, says Charmy as we end the scene.


Greatest Induction Speech Ever – Undertaker Inspires Me!

Last night, the WWE Hall of Fame inducted the greatest wrestler of all time, Mark Calloway, aka The Undertaker. His speech was incredibly inspiring, moving me to search my own soul, seeking guidance for my journey into the world of cartooning. The Undertaker revealed three tips for success to follow which reaped his hall of fame career. Here are his three steps to achieve a successful career.

1. Perception is reality. 

Taker learned this from WWE owner Vince McMahon after roughing up a rookie jobber for messing up during a live TV match. After the match was over, the Undertaker walked into the backstage area and was met by Vince who told the Undertaker, “Perception is reality, and the perception from everyone in the back and everyone in that crowd is now that you’re an asshole.”  I take this to mean that you must go into every situation sporting the qualities of a leader with a strong head on your shoulders. You must come off as a successful person who is willing to share knowledge of the business with everyone who is looking for information about the industry you are in. I do this at every comic con I appear at. I patiently talk with everyone because at the end of the day, I am not there to make money, I make appearances at Comic cons to deliver a good show and send people home happy. A ton of artists I have met do not grasp this concept.

2. Respect and loyalty go a long way.

After the Undertaker won his first World Championship, his father gave him a little advice. His dad said, “Always remember that the toes you step on today could be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow”. His dad followed up bytelling the Undertaker to treat everyone with respect. Again, I can relate to this pointer. At my comic con appearances, I am repping the show, so I treat everyone with the upmost respect. From the person checking me into the hotel, to the person checking me into the show, to the show volunteers who bust their hump making the show successful, to janitors who are not even part of the show crew, I treat everyone like they are the most important member of the Comic Con Experience. I have met a lot of other cartoonists who treat the staff like dogs. So sad.

3. Never be content.

The Undertalker closed his keys to success with this final tip, never be content. Know you can always do better. I live my life by this. I also know that there are thousands of other artists who are SO MUCH more talented than I am. This knowledge motivates to be better drawing after drawing. I love walking the show floor looking at the art of the other illustrators, marveling at their talents. I study what I am seeing and make mental notes on how high the bar is set. If you do not constantly improve and evolve, you will never find success… or hold onto the success.

Last night was truly inspiring. Be sure to look up the Undertaker’s speech. It was so inspiring!



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