Charmy Tells a Terrible Pirate Joke in Today’s Comic Strip

You’ve read today’s comic strip… and you are probably asking yourself, “What happens next? Well, continue reading the blog below for the REST OF THE STORY!


“You do not know what real humor is Frenchy, “says Charmy. “My joke was better”.

“I will give you another shot”, says Frenchy. “Tell us another joke”.

“Okay, I will”, says Charmy. “Why aren’t dogs good dancers?”

“Because they all have two left feet”, answers the pirate.

“Bwa ha ha ha!!!!”, laughs Frenchy. “Oh, mister pirate, that was SO funny!”

“That was MY joke!” yells Charmy.

“No….”, Frenchy says slowly in her East Texas accent. “I am sure mister pirate dude said it”.

“That was my joke!”, yells Charmy. “I was supposed to say… Because all dogs have two left feet”.

“Wow, must be your delivery”, says Frenchy. “That was just not funny when you said it”.

“No!”. screams Charmy. “It wasn’t funny when I said it because you already knew the punchline”.

“Um… it’s because all dogs have two left feet”, repeats the pirate.

“BWA HA HA HA HA!”, Frenchy screeches with laughter. “It is definitely mister pirate man’s delivery”.

“Before I was a pirate, I was a standup comic”, admits the pirate. “One night, after a set, I drank too much and passed out at the bar. The next morning I woke up on a ship and became a pirate”.

“That’s terrible!”, says Frenchy.

“Oh, no. Not really”, admits the pirate. “I was broke living the life of a standup comic. Now I have a full dental plan, a sweet 401k, and profit-sharing”.

“Are you accepting applications?”, asks Charmy.

“We don’t have any openings right now”, says the pirate.

“Probably for the best anyways”, admits Charmy. “I get seasick just taking a shower”.

“What makes you think you’d be able to be at sea for months on end?”, asks the pirate.

“Oh, I have that ALL figured out”, explains Charmy. “I just wouldn’t shower”.

End scene.



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