Flimp and Weaver are Not Quite Connecting in Today’s Comic Strip

Ever wonder if a comic strip is really over when you reach that last panel? Well, NO!… The story keeps on going. Read the blog to hear the REST OF TODAY’S STORY!!!!


“Wait!” exclaims Weaver. “Did you write this in cursive? I cannot read cursive”.

Up walks Frenchy as Flimp screams “Eeka eeka oo!”

“Flimp says he doesn’t curse”, says Frenchy. “Of course, that is a lie. He curses like a sailor”.

“Thank goodness you are here. Flimp is telling me something and I have no idea what he said”, admits Weaver.

“Eeky oku oop?” asks Flimp.

“Oh!”, says Frenchy. “Flimp just asked if you knew what was on the lunch menu today”.

“Well, they never wipe those menus off, so I would guess a splattering of food from the past three weeks”, answers Weaver.

“Gross”, reacts Frenchy with a disgusted face. “I think he wants to know what Amy is making for lunch today in the cafeteria”.

“Oh!” says Weaver as the situation at hand sinks in. “I have no idea”.

Charmy walks up as Weaver finishes his sentence and says, ” No one EVER has any idea what Lunch Lady makes. Everything looks and tastes the same. Yuck!”

“Charmy, why do you hate Amy so much? asks Frenchy.

“Who?” asks Charmy.

“Grrrr….”, growls Frenchy. “Amy…. Lunch Lady”.

“Oh, I don’t hate her”, admits Charmy. “I just hate her nasty food”.

“You sure have no problem eating it”, says Frenchy.

“Oh, but I have problems later!”, exclaims Charmy.

“Gross”, says Frenchy.

End Scene.



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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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