Today’s Comic Strip Tests the Intelligence of Our Cast of Characters

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“Did someone call me?”, asks Charmy as he pops into the scene in a flash.

“I need a nine-letter word for someone who thinks they know more than they actually do”, Says Turtle as he updates Charmy.

“Why do we even need words longer than four letters?”, asks Charmy. “Long words take longer to say. Long words make people sound smarter than they are and it just makes people feel dumb when they do not understand these big words”,

“Yeah!”, exclaims Frenchy. “There should be a limit on how long a word can be”.

“That is ignorant”, says Turtle.

“No!…”, Charmy interrupts Turtle. “That is DUMB!”

“Correct!” says Weaver.

“Wait”, interjects Charmy. “C-O-R-R-E-C-T, that is seven letters. The correct response should have been ‘right’ “.

“Yeah, you wasted a split second of our valuable time”, says Frenchy.

“Valuable is eight letters long”, Charmy tells Frenchy. “You should have just said the word time. We do not need to have our time wasted by… and forgive me for saying this word… adjectives”.

“You are so right!”, says Frenchy. We need to ban those words and adverbs as well”.

“The term ‘as well’ is a waste of breath”, says Charmy. “Just say the word ‘ too’ in the future”.

“We will save so much time!”, says Weaver. “And time is money so we are gonna be rich!”

“Yeah!”, agrees Frenchy. “I am going to use my money to buy a new dress”.

“Guys, you cannot just exclude long words from your vocabulary”, Turtle informs the gang. “You will be spending an exorbitant amount of time trying NOT to say words with multiple syllables”.

“I just hear blah blah blah”, says Charmy. “Stop using big words smart guy”.

“Yeah!”, Frenchy chimes in. “You offend us with your choice of words”.

“Come on guys”, orders Charmy. “Let’s talk about this with Sarge. Let’s dumb it down!”

“Yes!”, agrees Frenchy. “Let’s dumb down America”.

“Too many letters”, says Weaver.

“Agreed”, says Charmy. “Just call it Merica”.

“Oh, that is cute!”, squeals Frenchy.

“Let’s dumb it down Merica!” yells Weaver… and off they go.

“Well, this comic strip has been doing just that for nearly 9 years now” mumbles Turtle

End scene.



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