Today’s Comic Strip from Charmy’s Army is Quite Insulting

As we do every week, we continue the comic strip’s story in the blog below. Read on and see what happens next…

So, what happens next?

“No, I meant that you look upset about something”, says Charmy in a surprisingly, concerned tone.

“Well, I am a bit sad,” admits Blue. “My blind date stood me up last night. How sad is that?”

Well, maybe she didn’t see you! Bwa ha ha ha ha!”. jokes Charmy. “Get it?”

“Yeah, I get it… blind date”, reveals Blue. “I am just not in a humorous mood”.

“So, how did this blind date get set up?”, asks Charmy.

“Weaver set me up with one of his girlfriends”, says Blue. “He accidentally booked two dates on the same night so he fixed one of them up with me”.

Up walks Weaver.

“Weaver! We were just talking about you”, says Charmy.

“Good thing I was walking over towards you and not in the opposite direction”, says Weaver.

“Why?”, asks Blue.

“If I was walking in the opposite direction, you would have been talking behind my back,” says Weaver. “Since I was walking toward you, you couldn’t have been saying anything bad.”

“That is so stupid”, says Blue.

“Hey!” exclaims Weaver. “My back is facing the other way. Stop talking about me to my face!”

“Weaver, what happened to Blue’s blind date last night?”, asks Charmy.

“Oh, my date canceled, so I went ahead and took out Tiffany who was Blue’s blind date”, says Weaver.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”, asks Blue.

“You didn’t ask”, says Weaver.

“I sat at the bar for four hours waiting for her!”, yells Blue.

“I texted you”, says Weaver who pulls out his phone and reveals the text. “See. Stealing your date”.

“That is not my number”. says Weaver.

Up walks Frenchy who is about to eat something.

“Hi, Frenchy!” greets Charmy. “What are you eating?”

“I bought a bunch of dates at the farmer’s market last weekend. I was saving one for later in the week, but I gotta eat it today,” says Frenchy. “Someone is gonna try and steal it”.

“You sent the text to Frenchy”, says Blue.

“Save the date!” yells Frenchy

End scene.



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Charmy's Army – The Comic Strip


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