A Hero Saves the Day in Today’s Comic Strip


“Oh!”, exclaims the hero. “You want to be placed down on the ground”.

And with that our mighty hero stands up Frenchy on her two feet, safely on the ground.

“Are you a superhero?”, asks Frenchy.

“Do you see a silly emblem on my chest?”, asks the hero. “A hero I am not”.

“Then who or what are you?” asks a suspicious Frenchy.

“I am Hormiga De Fuego!… Professional wrestler!”, says the hero… um… wrestler.

He continues…

“I am the fighter for those who need justice”, says Hormiga de Fuego.

“So, you are a fighter, not a wrestler”, says a confused Frenchy.

“I am a wrestler who fights”, clarifies Hormiga de Fuego.

“Oh, you are one of those mixed martial artist fighters”, says Frenchy with confidence.

“No. I am an old-school wrestler”, confirms Hormiga de Fuego.

“So you are a fake athlete”, says Frenchy.

“Wrestling is not fake!”, yells an upset Hormiga de Fuego. “I have broken over a dozen bones in my many decades of wrestling. How do you fake a broken bone?”

“Maybe you are just a bad wrestler”, suggests Frenchy.

“I AM A GREAT WRESTLER!”, Hormiga de Fuego yells even louder.

“If you are so great, then why have I never heard of you?”, asks Frenchy.

“Have you ever been to Mexico?”, asks Hormiga de Fuego.?

“Yes, I have”, says Frenchy.

“Have you ever been to Japan?”, asks Hormiga de Fuego.

“Yes”. confirms Frenchy.

“What country have you never been to?”, asks Hormiga de Fuego.

“Finland”, responds Frenchy.

“Well, that is why. I only wrestle in Finland”, confirms Hormiga de Fuego. “I am HUGE in Finland.

“HOLY MACCA NOODLE!”, exclaims Frenchy. “I have never met a famous wrestler before”.

Up walks Weaver who busts out into laughter at the sight of Hormiga de Fuego.

“Who the heck is this?”, asks Weaver.

“I am Hormiga de Fuego, professional wrestler”, says Hormiga de Fuego. I am huge in Finland.

“Really?”, asks Weaver. “Are they all really short?”

“Well no wonder you are so good in Finland, the competition is tiny”, says Frenchy.

“People in Finland are just as tall as me”, says Hormiga de Fuego.

“So, why are you in your wrestling gear in the middle of the day?, asks Weaver. “Isn’t that a bit odd?”

“I am actually on my way to work, I will have you know”, says Hormiga de Fuego. “As a matter of fact, I need to be running along”.

Hormiga de Fuego begins walking off.

“Cool!”, says Weaver. “Where is the wrestling show happening?”

“Um… It is not a wrestling show…” says Hormiga de Fuego. “It’s a children’s party”.

“They couldn’t afford a clown?” asks Weaver but Hormiga de Fuego has walked away too far to hear.

“To be honest”, says Frenchy… “I think they DID hire a clown”.



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Cartoonist and Creator of the nationally distributed comic strip Charmy's Army. Davy is renowned in Artist's Alley for his amazing mash-ups using his characters portraying pop culture icons and figures.

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