Frenchy Gets a Physical in Today’s Comic Strip


Frenchy gets to the door, only to find that the door is locked from the other side.

“Why won’t this door open?”, asks a frantic Frenchy.

“I learned to lock the door a long time ago”, admits Doc. “I used to have so many patients run out on me”.

“Well, I am NOT getting any shots”, says Frenchy.

“Per the rules of the camp here at Fort Hill, you gotta get inoculated”, says Doc.

“Whoa!”, alerts Frenchy. “I do not drink anything harder than warm milk”.

“Holy macca noodle…”, mumbles Doc.

“You know what?”, asks Frenchy. “I forgot my I.D., so you cannot card me”.

“Look, I just need to give you a little shot”, says Doc.

“Alright then”, says Frenchy as she pulls out a shot glass from a pocket in her dress. “Hit me!”

“I thought you said you didn’t drink”, reflects Doc.

“I don’t”, says Frenchy with an overly innocent tone. “I like drinking from this tiny glass because it makes me feel like a giant”.

“Well, whatever…”, says a frustrated Doc. “You still have to get a shot”.

Doc pulls out a shot needle from his medicine drawer. Frenchy’s eyes grow large.

“So, where do you want this shot?” asks Doc.

“I want it back in the drawer”, says Frenchy.

“No, I mean do you want this in the right or left arm?” asks Doc.

“Oh, come on. Can’t I just take a pill or something?”, asks Frenchy.

“I completely forgot!”, says an excited Doc. “Yes. you can actually!”

“COOL!” yells Frenchy.

“Now this pill tastes really bad”, says Doc. “But, if you put on this blindfold, your senses will dull and the pill won’t taste so bad”.

“Well, you gotta love science!”, says Frenchy.

Doc hands Frenchy a glass of water and walks behind her with a blindfold in hand.

“So, before I hand you the pill, let me get this blindfold on you”, says Doc. “The pill smells back too, so this blindfold will also dull the smell”.

As he secures the blindfold, doc alerts Frenchy.

“Hold still Frenchy”, says Doc. “There is a mosquito in here”.

“SON OF A HOT DOG!!!” screams Frenchy as Doc sticks a needle in her arm and applies the shot”.

“Are you okay Frenchy?”, asks Doc.

“Yes, but I am about to kill me a mosquito!”, says Frenchy as she whips off the blindfold.

“Well, he flew out through the keyhole”, admits Doc. “Let me let you out so you can look for him”.

“Thanks!”, says Frenchy as Doc unlocks the door and Frenchy exits.

Nurse Heidi walks in, turning her head and body back towards the door.

“Did you have another mosquito attack Doc?”, asks Heidi.

“Yep”, Admits Doc. “Who do we have next?”

“Charmen Packy”, says Nurse Heidi.

“Holy macca noodle,” says Doc. “Bring me a clean blindfold”.

Nurse Heidi hands Doc a blindfold and says, “Way ahead of you”.


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