Warrior Wench Wendy Educates the World on Dragon Facts in Today’s Comic Strip

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“I talked with some of the village elders and they said they have never even heard of dragons until they appeared a few years ago”, says Zana as she sports a puzzled look on her face. “Where do you think dragons come from”?

“Oh, your parents never gave you the talk?”, inquires Warrior Wench Wendy.

“No! Not that!”, exclaims Zana. “I mean how did they get to our village? Where did they come from”?

“Oh, good. I was not ready for that discussion”, says Warrior Wench Wendy. “I believe they are left over from the Battle of Darkness and somehow escaped the ‘Expulsion of Denkhousen’ reversal performed by Williard the Wizard”.

“The portal leading back to Denkhousen can never be reopened”, ponders Zana. “How do we get these dragons back to the dark realms of Denkhousen”?

“We can’t”, explains Warrior Wench Wendy. “We must sleigh them all”.

“They are laying eggs every day. At least 30 dragons are hatching every single day”, mentions Zana. “More dragons are hatching than we can sleigh”.

“Exactly, that is why we need to train a team to fight these beasts”, says Warrior Wench Wendy. “We’ll need to make some large dragon dummies to practice on”.

“Maybe we can get your ex-boyfriend to model for us!”, says Zana with a sinister grin.

“I would much rather we just train the troops using HIM!”, exclaims Warrior Wench Wendy.

And the preparations begin

This was a work in progress for the novel “Extermination of Denkhousen”.



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