Turtle gets Sacked in Today’s Comic Strip

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“So, what is in your lunch bag today?”, asks Charmy.

“Oh, I cannot wait to see what dear old dad packed me,” says turtle who pauses and slowly continues… “And I am a bit frightened at the same time. Dad has never packed my lunch before”.

“Oh, this will be interesting”, says Charmy.

Turtle opened the lunch bag and pulls out a beer.

“Whoa!” exclaims Charmy. “You cannot have alcohol here at the base. Sarge will kick your butt!”

Turtle quickly puts it back in the bag.

“What else is in there?”, asks Charmy.

“Let’s see”, says Turtle.

Turtle pulls out a raw chicken with a note attached to it.

“Dude, that is a raw chicken”, warns Charmy. “I sense your dad has never cooked. What does the note say?”

“It is a recipe for Beer Braised Chicken”, says Turtle.

“Bwa ha ha ha!”, your dad expected you to cook your lunch? chuckles Charmy. “We only get thirty minutes for lunch”.

“What am I going to do?”, asks Turtle. “I am starving”.

“You will have to do what the rest of us do,” explains Charmy. “You will have to eat the cafeteria food and taste the horrors created by the evil Lunch Lady”.

“But I have a very restricted diet”, says Turtle. “That food will tear up my stomach”.

“And we have a 10-mile hike afterward”, says Charmy. “Look at the bright side…”

“What bright side?”, asks Turtle.

“You won’t run out of gas!” says Charmy as he laughs hysterically.

Turtle walks off to get some food from the cafeteria and mumbles, “I am going to be sure you are directly downwind from me during the hike”.

As Turtle walks off, Charmy grabs Turtle’s lunch bag off the table… and up walks Sarge.

“Um, do I smell beer?”, asks an angry Sarge.

“Yes, but it is not mine”, claims Charmy. Sarge is not buying it.

“Stupid turtle left me holding the bag”, mumbles Charmy as Sarge drags him outside for a beatdown.

End scene


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