The Heroic Superheroes known as the Duffus League Returns!

So, what happens next?

“Oopa oop oop!”, yells Flimp.

“I agree”, says Frenchy. “We need to be out fighting crime. People could be dying”.

“If we do not get these bathrooms cleaned, Sarge will kill us”, worries Weaver.

“Oh, how bad could it be”, asks Charmy.


The men’s room door flies open and a huge guy emerges as green fumes seep out from the doorway.

“Holy Sewer Rats!” screams the huge man. “Someone needs to condemn this building! I just destroyed that room!”

“Holy Macca Noodle!” yells Frenchy. “What crawled into you and died!”

“Hey! That is no way for a superhero to talk to a civilian”, says Charmy.

“Sorry”, sighs Frenchy.

Weaver interjects. “I believe she meant to ask you if you are in danger. It is obvious someone must have scared the…”

Charmy quickly covers up Weaver’s mouth. “Again, that is not very “superhero-like”, says Charmy.

The huge guy walks off as we see the three flies buzz around and enter the building… only to fly back out screaming.

“Okay, that’s not a good sign”, says Frenchy. “Even the flies are grossed out”.

“What if someone is still in there”, suggests Charmy. “One of us needs to check. They could be out cold”.

Charmy, Weaver, and Flimp the Chimp’s heads turn at the same time to stare at Frenchy.

“Oh-h-h- ho ho no!”, Frenchy defiantly dispels their glances. “That’s the men’s room. That would not be lady-like”.

“Oopa ca ca eek!” yells Flimp as he points in the air and heroically rushes into the men’s room.

Suddenly, you hear banging and crashes along with Flimp cussing and swearing…

“Eeka eeka oo oo opy ee ee ee eek!”

Then… eerie silence. Then a thud. A few seconds go by and you hear the sound of a plunger… then a flush.

Out walks Flimp dragging Turtle behind him.

“Holy Macca Noodle!”, yells Charmy. “Flimp saved Turtle.

“Oh… the horror…” mumbles Turtle.

Sarge walks up screaming, “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!!!”

“It appears the latrine was bombed by the enemy, sir!”, Charmy informs Sarge.

“Yeah, a gas bomb”, adds Frenchy.

“Oh, the horror”, mutters Turtle as he pulls himself up off the ground by grabbing Sarge’s pants leg. “They saved me, Sarge”.

“I see”, says Sarge. Well, I guess we cannot have heroes cleaning toilets”.

The four superheroes smile.

Cut the scene to them cleaning Sarge’s jeep.

“This is more of a job for a team of superheroes”, says Sarge. “Once you finish my jeep, the other 32 jeeps should be a piece of cake”

End scene.

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