Frenchy is a Freaking Princess in Today’s Comic Strip


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“Charmen Pack!”, yells Frenchy. “Your descension will be noted”!

Frenchy’s anger goes unnoticed as Charmy continues to walk off in the distance.

As the anger continues to swell inside Frenchy, she darts off in the direction Charmy has heading towards. As she begins catching up, Charmy is seen entering the Candy Bar located just inside the town’s southern border.

The Candy Bar is a local coffee shop owned by Candy Kane. Since the gang began their training at Fort Hill, the Candy Bar has become the gathering place for all the soldiers. Candy Kane was close to bankruptcy before the base opened up two hundred yards from the bar’s front door.

Frenchy approaches the door and pauses.

“A coffee shop?”, questions Frenchy who is in full-blown princess mode. “How common. I will go in and see how the lower class live. Hopefully this place serves some good English tea”.

Frenchy enters the Candy Bar and slowly approaches Candy Cane.

“Excuse me ma’am”, asserts Frenchy. “Do you serve Earl Gray here?”

“Oh honey, we serve everyone here, even Earl”, admits Candy Kane.

“Was that an attempt at humor?” asks Frenchy.

“Look, Frenchy… lighten up a bit”, says Candy with a huge smile.

“I am not this Frenchy you speak of”, reveals Frenchy… at least I thought she was Frenchy… “I am the princess of Antasia, Princess Francerella”.

“Um… okay”, says a confused Candy Kane. “Well, we actually do have Earl Gray tea. Let me get you a cup”.

“Oh, please put it in one of those tiny cups”, says Princess Francerella.

Princess Francerella is served her tea and she sits down to observe the commoners.

Up walks Blue…

Frenchy gets upset and storms off.

The next day, Princess Francerella was making her rounds, meeting the people in her territory. It was a bit chilly, so she donned her royal robe and cape. As she walked around, her royal barker would announce her appearance…

“Well, I hope you two are happy in your castle”, says Charmy. “One day, I am sure you both will rule the entire world”.

“Do you really think so?”, asks Turtle.

“You have as much chance as an elephant has of walking a tight rope”, says Charmy.

Suddenly, a dark shadow casts over the two as they slowly look up. They reach a sudden point with their glances, and their faces light up with amazement.

We pan out to see a huge elephant walking a tightrope.

“Holy Macca Noodle!” exclaims Turtle. “I will one day be a prince!”

We hear a big thud… and the camera angle shakes like an earthquake exploded for a brief second.

“Well, be ready to crash and burn”, says Charmy. “What goes up, must come down”.

“I once had an uncle who went up to the top of a mountain and never came down”, says Turtle.

“Oh, I bet he will come back down one day”, says Charmy.

“Nope”, says Turtle”. “Bear ate him”.

“I see”, says Charmy.

They begin walking off into the distance.

“I have been scared of bears ever since”, says Turtle.

“Well, you should be scared of bears Turtle”, admits Charmy. “Have you ever met a friendly bear?”

“Touché”, replies Turtle.

“Well, I never met Toosha,” says Charmy… “But I am sure he is not really all that friendly”.



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