Frenchy’s New Boyfriend is a REAL Keeper in Today’s Comic Strip


“What is this guy’s name?” asks Charmy.

“That’s Turtle”, responds Frenchy with a perplexed look on her face as she points to Turtle.

“No, not him”, says Charmy in an annoyed tone. “I know that is Turtle. I was asking about your boyfriend. What’s your boyfriend’s name?”

“Oh, sorry”, Frenchy reacts with a sheepish grin. “My boyfriend’s name is Beau Chives”.

“Huh,” reacts Charmy. “Beau Chives the beehive guy”.

“Chives?”, questions Turtle. “What kind of name is Chives?”

“It’s a last name”, answers Frenchy. “I think they call it a surname”.

“I think surnames are dudes’ names”, says Charmy. Like Frank, Bob, Joe, etcetera”.

“I know a girl named with both of the names Bob and Joe”, informs Frenchy. “Bobbie Joe Hick was a great friend of mine in High School”.

“Well, with a name like Bobby Joe, you would have to be a Hick”, says Charmy as he rolls his eyes.

Turtle laughs and reacts by saying, “That was actually pretty funny”.

“Well, anyways…” says Frenchy in a slow southern draw. “I need to run. I have a date tonight with my honey”.

“Oh! You have a hot date with Beau tonight?” asks Charmy.

“No, I have a date with Beau’s beehive”, says Frenchy. “I promised I would watch it tonight for him. He has an important engagement to tend to”

Frenchy leaves as Charmy picks up the newspaper.

“Oh no”, says Charmy. “I have the society section open and it says here that tonight Beau Hives is marrying his fiancé tonight. That must be the engagement Frenchy is referring to”.

Charmy’s face slowly droops as he looks saddened by the news.

At the same time, Turtle’s face goes from sad to extremely happy.

“Poor, poor Frenchy”, says Charmy.

“Yes! Poor poor Frenchy”, says Turtle. “I better get ready to cheer her up”.

Turtle’s glasses fog up as he sits there grinning with tiny hearts floating over his head.

“You are BEE-yond help”, says Charmy.

“Sometimes you just gotta BEE-lieve”, says Turtle.


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