Charmy returns as Gooser Dadburn and Reveals his Life as a Rodeo Star

So, what happens next?

“No!”, interjects the little girl as she corrects Gooser Dadburn. “Mutton Busting is a sport that only little kids can do.”

“Oh, I had no problem doing it”, Gooser informs the little girl.

“You would kill the sheep if you rode on top of them”, retorts the little girl.

“Just makes them easier to ride”, explains Charmy.

“Oh, you are just full of bull”, says the little girl. “You just have a wild imagination. It is so hard to know if you are ever telling the truth”.

Gooser’s face drops as if he is caught in an even bigger lie. We all know that Gooser passed away ten years ago in a gunfight. Gooser Dadburn is really Charmen Packy who has been mistaken for legendary lawman Gooser Dadburn. As confused as the town’s citizens are, Charmy is even more confused with his time jump as he finds himself trapped in the Old West.

“Yeah, sometimes my imagination is just WAY too vivid”, says Gooser as he stares out across the bar.

“Gooser Dadburn!” yells a filthy man dressed in black. A scar runs under his right eye and stretched across the bridge of his pimpled up nose. He knows he is a bad guy because he is dressed in black and he has a scar. That, and the fact his right hand is positioned inches away from his pistol which is strapped to his waist.

May I help you?”, asks Gooser as he continues to stare straight ahead, avoiding eye contact with the stranger.

“You are dead… or at least, you are supposed to be dead”, says the stranger is a raspy, angry tone. “Granted, no one saw your body after the barn burnt to the group right after we drilled it full of bullets. There was no way you survived”.

“Well, maybe I am a ghost”, explains Gooser.

“That or a big chicken, hiding away in fear for ten long years”, surmises the stranger.”

“Oh! Maybe I am a Ghost Chicken”, says Gooser. “Kind of like a Ghost Pepper. If you mess with it, it’s gonna light you up”.

“Are you threatening me Gooser?” yells the stranger.

“Gentlemen! Please!”, interjects the little girl. “Sir, I have hired Gooser to track down my father’s killer. You can try and kill Gooser after he completes his contractual duties”.

“You are Dan Burton’s kid, right?”, asks the stranger.

The little girl tears up and the tear in her left eye quickly runs down her face. Her lips quiver and she takes a slow breath as if to regain her composure.

“Yes sir”, she admits.

“Well, dang. Dan was a good man”, reflects the stranger. “You know, he once gave my mom and dad three chickens after some coyotes ate his chickens. You have no idea how much that meant to us. I was not in a position at the time to help my own parents. He never asked for anything in return”.

The little girl is choked up and barely gets out the words, “He was the greatest man I ever knew”.

“Well. that settles it. I am going along to help you guys find this scum of the earth who murdered your pop”, says the stranger.

“Oh, that would be awesome!”, exclaims the little girl.

“Hey, do I get a say in this?” asks Gooser.

“I cannot pay you”, says the little girl.

“Oh, I will get my reward in the end when I get to kill Gooser”, says the stranger.

“Win! Win!”, says the little girl with a smile on his face.

“Whose side are you on?”, asks Gooser.

“I am on the side of justice”, says the little girl… “Justice for my dad”.

Charmy looks at the stranger and asks, “Um, are you crying”.

“I am just so happy I get to kill you when this is all over!” explains the stranger and he walks off. “That and these dang allergies. Stupid ragweed”.

And the adventure continues.


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