Flimp Wears Too Many Hats in Today’s Comic Strip

Today’s comic strip is brought to you by Bubba’s Boba, Antlanda’s newest spot for tea with chewy black stuff in it.

So, what happens next in TODAY’S COMIC STRIP?

Suddenly, we hear loud sirens blasting at ear-shattering decibels.

“Whoa! That’s the fire alarm!,” screams Frenchy. “Flimp, do something!!!”

“Oopa doopa?” asks Flimp.

“I want you to use your firemen’s hat and do your fireman duties”, demands Frenchy.

“Eeky eeky oop!”, yells Flimp.

The room is filling up with smoke.

“What do you mean? Why can’t you put out that fire? You are a fireman aren’t you?” asks a frantic Frenchy.

“Eepy oopy oo!” yells Flimp as he waves his arms in the air.

“What do you mean ‘it’s only a hat’ ?”, asks Frenchy who is now in tears with fear.

“False alarm!”, yells Weaver as he walks into the scene. “Someone burnt a tray of cookies that were left baking in the oven”.

“Oopa eek eek eek!”, admits Flimp.

“But you’re a chef. You have a chef hat on as well”, says Frenchy. “How could you burn those cookies?”

“He is truly wearing too many hats”, theorizes Weaver.

“He’s a monkey” says Charmy. “I am just happy he wears pants”.

“Sometimes censorship is a GOOD thing”, adds Weaver.

Flimp starts stuffing all the hats into his tiny, purple hat.

“How does he do that?” asks Charmy.

“Oopa doop”, says Flimp.

“One at a time”, says Frenchy as she translates for the gang.


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