Getting more Intimate with Candy in today’s Comic Strip!

So, now that you know Candy’s full name, let’s find out…


“Hey Candy, don’t stay outside too long, you’ll melt”, Candy snaps as she recalls all the teasing from the school kids. “Hey Candy, you be looking SWEET today. Hey Candy, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar.”

“Hey Candy!”, yells Frenchy. “When you sing along to Snoop Dogg, are you a Candy Rapper?”

“Yeah, you get the idea”, says Candy.”

“Hey, Peppermint! If you turn into a werewolf during a full moon, are you a peppermint bark?”, asks Frenchy.

“Alright, alright, you get it”, says Candy.

“Hey, Kane! If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, are you a Walking Kane?”, asks Frenchy.

“Enough!” screams Candy. “Uh, sorry. I am just very touchy about the jokes”.

Up walks Charmy.

“Speaking of jokes”, says Frenchy. “Hi Charmy”.

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“Plus. I need to save room”, says Charmy. After this stop, I am heading to Bubba’s Bobas”.

“What!” exclaims Candy. “Bubba’s Bobas is my competition!”

“Yeah, Charmy!” yells Frenchy. “You cannot go there!”

“But you said they had amazing drinks!” says Charmy as he looks confused.

“Well, I did not tell you to go there!” says Frenchy with a wink.

“What’s wrong with your eye? Are you having a nervous breakdown?” asks Charmy. “You said their Honey Milk Tea was a mouth full of bliss”.

“No!”, says Frenchy as she looks embarrassed. “I said if I caught you drinking their tea, you’d get a mouth full of my fist!”

“Man, I need to get my hearing checked”, says Charmy.

“Yes, you do”, says Frenchy.

“Maybe you should come too and get that twitch looked at”, suggests Charmy.

“We’ll see you tomorrow Candy”, says Frenchy. “Gotta go see Doc”.

Charmy and Frenchy leave as Turtle walks up.

“Where are they off to so late?”, Turtle asks Candy.

“Bubba’s Bobas”, says Candy “They are having their official grand opening tonight. I heard Doc talking about it earlier to Weaver”.

“Yikes! I almost forgot!” yells Turtle as he darts out the door.

Candy grits her teeth in anger as the door slams.

END – This story will pick up later. STAY TOONed!

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