Monkey in a bathing cap!!!! Bet you never saw THAT in a comic strip!!!!!

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No MSG in THIS Comic Strip!!! – The #rEVOLUTION Begins…

I have never been more excited to present the world with a story that will change everything. Never has a comic strip branched out into the dark world of Graphic Novels. I am not revealing anything yet. I will inform you that the beginning, the middle, the twist, and the tear jerking ending is finalized. You will never look at any other comic strip again without comparing them to Charmy’s Army. I am going to set that bar so high!

Mushy Kissing in today’s Comic Strip… YUCK!!!

Frenchy and Flimp make a great duo! Flimp may not appear at first to be needed here, right? WRONG! Flimp was added for a reason. Read the strips AGAIN but imagine that flimp is not there. Without the presence of Flimp, Frenchy’s comments will sound mean-spirited. With Flimp the Chimp in place, Frenchy’s comments have a more playful appeal. Flimp’s dumb-founded expression at the end softens the blow.

Never Anger a Monkey

Yikes! The Corona Virus is scaring the jeepers out of everyone and the pill is hard to swallow. South By Southwest is a huge music festival in Austin, Texas with people traveling into the city from all over the world to enjoy the massive concert event which plays all over Austin. The festival stills into small bars as well as the local stadium. There are millions of dollars to be made… and the event was cancelled due to fears of the Corona Virus. This cancellation will seriously hurt the economy in Austin as well as the small business owners who depend on the annual event to keep their doors open.

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