Charmy’s Army – October 15, 2018

10OCTOBER2018_CHARMY - WEEK 42 - 1014-1020 - COLOR - STACKED - WEB

The Lunch Lady returns for another comic strip!

To be honest, Pot Pie Surprise sounds pretty appetizing. I love a good Chicken Pot Pie and I also love Louisiana Meat Pies. Just imagine if you combined both a Chicken Pot Pie with a Meat Pie. I need to look on Google and see if someone has a recipe for this.

Once again, notice the three flies in my comic strip. Their names are Gator, Bees and Gravy. As I mentioned on my post about Lunch Lady’s last appearance, the three flies represent me and my two friends from grade school. My two friends, Adriam Guedin and Eric Werner, were the first people to encourage me and my crazy dream. Who knows, maybe one day a comic strip will star these three flies.


I am trying to prep some new mini prints and maybe a new print or two. I have taken some time off from work for this endeavor. The first day I had planned to take off was last Friday. I was called into work though right before I was ready to start working on the mini prints. I have scheduled two more days off this upcoming week… Thursday and Friday. If all goes well, and I get to take them off, I will both days on show prep. I am hoping to include a commission or two during those days… but I have not received any commissions yet for Alamo City Comic Con. Last year,I was commissioned for a total of 8 sketch covers and 6 sketch cards. This year I have had commissions for only 3 sketch cards and 3 sketch covers…. and I did twice as many shows this year. I am hearing these same findings from all of my artist friends. This year was just a bad year for creators in Artist’s Alley.

Alamo City Comic Con has announced that they are now expanding Artist’s Alley all over the event center. The show was allotted extra space and decided to offer cheap tables to anyone who wants to sell art. This will bring in some more local talent. I am all about opportunities so I am happy for the people getting this amazing deal from the show. I cannot wait to appear in Artist’s Alley again this year. This show is ran very well and is always exciting. With all the new artists added around the show, this even should be the best show of the year.

– Davy



INKtober Day 13 – Charmy as Keith Richards

Day 13 - Keith Richards LRINKtober Day 13 – Charmy as Keith Richard

The Rolling Stones is such an iconic band. The fact that they have remained a band for six decades is crazy. The fact that they are still performing is insane. Right behind the Rolling Stones, we have bands like The Who still going… and just behind them you have TWO Yes incarnations touring. When you compare relevancy though, The Rolling Stones are the only band that matters when you look at longevity. The Who is still living on their Tommy fame. Yes is not Yes without the late Chris Squire.

Though of you who know me are wondering why I did not mention Cheap Trick in the conversation. Yes, they started in 1969 as the band Fuse… for one album… but they did not take flight until 1976. The Rolling Stones where already a multi generation band by the time MY favorite band recorded that amazing self-titled debut album.

For day thirteen of INKtober, we get Charmy as Keith Richards. Charmy is the only character from my comic strip who can pull off this mashup. This will look much more compelling once I get my Copic Markers to it. Charmy needs some dark shading around his eyes. I cannot replicate that with just pen and ink.

INKtober has been fun so far. I lost a day of cartoon work yesterday when I was called into work. I had so much planned before I had to race out the door. I left so quickly that I forgot to clean my awesome brush. I used it with some gouache paint when I patched up a spot on my strip that smeared. The paint brush was a goner by the time I got back home. I am going to try taking off next Friday again. Hopefully this time I can take the day to create a ton of art. We shall see!

As soon as the Astros game is over, I am hitting the hay. Toon in tomorrow for more INKtober madness.

– Davy

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