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Pokemon League of America – Justice League of America mashed up with a few Pokemon Characters!

This was a FUN sketch cover to create. This was the first Pokemon sketch cover I ever drew. After the huge success with the mini print card art, I had to move up to a larger price range. I just need to see if these sketch covers will move at the bigger shows I attend… Oh wait, I only do ONE big show every year. Dang it. I am probably stuck with a few hundred sketch covers….

Change is GOOD! – Warrior Wench Wendy’s sexy new look!

This week, we witness the first appearance of The Black Arrow who is a legendary figure in the fantasy lore of Warrior Wench Wendy. Also known as Eradicator of Dragons, the Black Arrow, at one time, was the only dragon slayer in the land. Once the country was devastated by the arrival of a new breed of dragons known as the Dragons of Hades, the Black Arrow found himself ineffective against these new beasts.

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