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Your monthly support to Davy’s dream GETS YOU REWARDED! Yep, for as little as $1 each month, you can get some cool exclusives from the creator of Charmy’s Army. Your support will help pay for more comic con appearances across the country so Davy can get out and meet all of his readers.


$1 each month will get you access to my weekly strips a few days before they are released to the general public.

As I work on my strip, you will see a few behind the scenes shots of my work in progress.



$3 each month will get you previews AN ENTIRE MONTH EARLY! You will see the upcoming month all at once. Talk about bragging rights!

  • See comic strips a month in advance!
  • See even more work in progress
  • Plus all previous rewards

This is an amazing glimpse at how I work. This level is great for other up-and-coming cartoonists!



$5 each month will get you FREE HIGH RESOLUTION DOWNLOADS of my posters, sketch cards and sketch covers!

  • High Res Scans of my sketch covers
  • High Res Posters for you to print and hang with pride
  • Plus all previous rewards

Talk about special! Just print them out and hang them on your wall. Bring them to one of my appearances and I will sign them for free!


$10 each month will get you the ultimate inside look at my studio.

  • Sneak peek at my storyboards! See how I write my award winning comic strip
  • Special monthly video blog exclusively for my $10 monthly supporters. You guys tell me what you want me to discuss!!!
  • Plus all previous rewards

This is the ULTIMATE behind the scenes look at my process.