• INKtober Day 28 – Bugs Bunny as a Big Baby
    I cannot recall the first time I watched Bugs Bunny on television. I look back on my life and that screwy rabbit was always there. I do recall always loving the older cartoons. The older the better. I also recall always loving Bugs being pitted against Elmer Fudd over any other nemesis. Elmer had a way of making you feel sorry for him… but just a little. You felt sorry enough to care, but you still wanted Bugs Bunny to reign triumphant.
  • INKtober Day 27 – Speedy from Teen Titans
    Today, for INKtober, I present SPEEDY!. I loved his run in Teen Titans Go. In my vision of Teen Titans, the team is a bit larger than in the previous two animated series. Robin is still the leader, but Speedy is Robin’s internal rival as a struggle for power plays out. As I had previously reviewed about my vision of Teen Titans, season one would have Robin and Starfire dating. They breakup at the end of season one and Starfire returns to her planet. Robin begins a relationship with Batgirl in Season two. Season three shows the return of Starfire who is still in love with Robin. Once she discovers Robin’s new realtionship with Batgirl, she confides in Speedy. Even more fuel to Robin and Speedy’s rivalry is tossed onto the fire.
  • INKtober – Day 26 – Cyborg from Teen Titans
    Today for INKtober 2020, I have drawn Cyborg the way I see him. I used the style of Teen Titans Go and then I modified him to fit my own vision. I modified his armor and appendages to be more robotic. I changed the line weights to match my own style to perfection. This Teen Titans drawing came out SO much better than the previous illustrations.
  • INKtober Day 25 – Starfire
    Hailing from a galaxy far, far away, Starfire is a Princess from the planet Tamaran. Wait, does that make her a Disney Princess? No… Disney owns Marvel. Nevermind. Anyway, she flies down to Earth and joins Teen Titans, dates Robin, disappears to save her own world and get married there twice only to come back and try to win Robin back. See! I can do better than THAT!!! Man, I would love to rewrite this story! Give the the 2021 reboot!!!!
  • INKtober Day 24 – Raven from the Teen Titans
    Raven rocks! She is so dark and spooky… but can also open up at times to reveal a big heart. You just cannot help but feel something special within her character. In my rendition of the Teen Titans, Raven would rarely hide her face with that hood and would be a person who struggles with connecting with others. Raven would be extremely shy, yet would push herself to fit in with the team. In my Teen Titans creation, Raven would be a reflection of my own childhood as I struggled with extreme shyness.
  • INKtober Day 23 – Robin from The Teen Titans
    Today, I am presenting Robin from the Teen Titans. Robin makes the perfect leader of this adolescent team of super heroes. He has just enough insanity in his personality to make his leadership sheer brilliance. All great leaders need a little madness in their brains. Why else would they want to be a leader in the first place? All that stress and responsibility. You have to be a little mad or you’d go crazy. Does that make sence?
  • INKtober Day 22 – Beast Boy from Teen Titans
    Here is a little secret, I absolutely love the cartoon series for bot Teen Titans and for Teen Titans Go. I do prefer the original series over the “Go Season”, but both are so freaking fun. The original series was more serious and held the readers captivated as they waited for Robin and Starfire to connect romantically. The show also dug into all of the characters more, keeping you emotionally attached to the entire team. The new “Go” series is just a series of one-off events that are silly and are “not to be taken seriously”…. but are SO FUN!
  • INKtober Day 21 – Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie
    Today, for INKtober 2020, I choice to draw Mickie Mouse as Steamboat Willie. I plan on making a complete set of nine cards in the future if I receive enough interest in this post. I would love to draw a few more of Mickey’s characters performances such as The Wizard, The Band Conductor, and Bob Cratchit. If you’d love to see my interpretations of more Mickey Mouse portrayals, please LIKE this blog and leave me a few comments!
  • Blue has Words to Live By in Today’s Comic Strip
    I live my Blue’s wise words. I have not posted any INKtober drawings in nearing a week because I have been “shuffling the deck”. My day job has become a huge consumer of my time. I work through lunch and put in about 10 hours every day. I am just exhausted when I get home. I ma so happy though because this just means I have job security. As I have revealed a few weeks ago to everyone, this cartooning “thing” is turning out to be just a little hobby. I cannot make a successful run with my silly drawings, so to have a day job who needs me as much as this company needs me is much like a warm blanket in the winter time.
  • INKtober Day 20 – HIM from The Powerpuff Girls
    The Powerpuff Girls ran over 30 years ago back when character like this was perceived as a bit shocking. HIM is a a powerful, flamboyant demon, and The Powerpuff Girls’ secondary antagonist. HIM is the king of darkness, and by far their greatest villain.
  • INKtober Day 19 – Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls
    Today’s INKtober 2020 drawing features Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls. Bubbles is the sweet, innocent one of the threesome. I always marveled at the creative direction each of the three Powerpuff Girls pivoted towards. The entire show was filled with a great variety of personalities. Each character was so very different than the next. This formula is missing from so many animated cartoons.
  • INKtober Day 18 – Blossom
    INKtober 2020 – Day 18 – Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls as interpreted by Davy Jones,
  • It’s a Blue Day in Today’s Comic Strip
    I am out to prove to the world that I am the next big cartoonist. Hobbyist? Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh my, that is NOT me. Yes, I did pout all of last weekend like a big baby… but I also plotted as I brewed. Charmy’s Army is a masterpiece unlike anything in syndication today. My huge following of readers prove that to be fact. I am no hobbyist. I am going to figure this out and turn this around.
  • INKtober Day 17 – Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls
    I want to draw the Powerpuff Girls over the next few days. I do not want to use the traditional style because I am using INKtober to showcase the way I draw… and how I interoperate other cartoon characters. I made the body bigger to work better for action sequences. I guess, my vision of the Powerpuff Girls has them aged up about three more years. One quick note, my fine pen broke when pulling a line in her eye. Totally screwed up the drawing. That is why I went with the dark look under the eyes… I was attempting to correct the error. The result is a darker looking character.
  • INKtober Day 16 – The WB Frog
    So, for INKtober, I decided to draw the Michigan J. Frog… but I wanted to draw him as he should be seen. His charm has NOTHING to do with his dancing feet and amazing singing voice. To me, his charm is the deadpan, near lifeless look Michigan exposes when making a fool of the guy attempting to use him for his own personal greed. This is pure genius. No one else is drawing this angle, so I am setting myself apart.
  • INKtober Day 15 – Cow!
    Looking back, I cannot believe “Cow and Chicken” only ran so three years. The show was such a huge part of my television viewing with my two sons. This only proves how slowly life moved before all the stress sets in over the years at you day jobs. Back during that era, I had responsibilities, but they were not on such a high level as they are now. Weeks fly by like days now. I hope when I retire in twenty years that time slows back to the crawl experienced when my kids were toddlers.
  • INKtober Day 14 – Chicken!
    This was a ton of fun to draw! Chicken is one of the craziest characters I have ever seen on television. Between the animation style and the zany voice talent of Charlie Adler. Charlie was the voice of the main cast. He voiced Cow, Chicken, The Devil aka the Red Guy. Other credits to Adler’s career includes Tiny Toons, d The Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power, All Grown Up!, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, The Replacements and many other of the shows we all grew up with.
  • INKtober Day 13 – The Devil
    Probably one of the strangest cartoon shows I have ever watched was “Cow and Chicken”. The antagonist was The Devil… a nude character who loved to show off his butt. The crazy this is that I never looked at this show of the naked devil as being disturbing. My kids thought the characters were extremely funny, so the show was on the top of our “watch list”. The Deil is the perfect choice for today’s INKtober 2020 entry!
  • INKtober Day 12 – Hoss Delgado
    I love obscure characters! I asked my Facebook following for someone obscure from “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”, and here was the response. Hoss Delgado! Hoss is a spectral exterminator, hunting down monsters like werewolves, and various other supernatural phenomena. Hoss developed a crush on Eris, the goddess of chaos . They dated for a while, but the relationship was not to be. Dating the goddess of chaos had an adverse effect on the world, turning the world into a peaceful realm. This created too much order everywhere, putting Hoss of the monster hunting business. Hoss had no chose but to break up with her.
  • INKtober Day 11 – Grim
    Grim is introduced into the story after losing to Billy and Mandy in a limbo contest. By the way, Mandy cheated for the win. In the terms of the lost bet, Grim is now forced to be Billy and Mandy’s best friend forever. If Grim does not live up to his commitment, he will be stripped of his powers and be forced to spend eternity in Underworld Jail. HOW CREATIVE!!!
  • INKtober Day 10 – Billy
    So, who is Billy? Billy is Mandy and Grim’s friend. He is a dim-witted, happy-go-lucky boy living in Endsville. He has an extremely low IQ of -5, having been outperformed by even inanimate objects. Good-natured and incredibly dopey, Billy’s curiosity tends to get him into trouble he can’t get out of by himself. His dim-witted nature is his charm… and the reason for a lot of the misadventures the team finds themselves caught up in.
  • Blue Gets Some Love in the next Series of Comic Strips
    I have not focused on my character named “Blue” since the newspaper run began. Over the next few comic strips, we will give a little love to Blue and focus on what makes him tick. If I can ever get an animated series moving forward, Blue, Turtle, Sarge, and Doc will become big players in the animated stories.
  • INKtober Day 9 – Mandy
    Here is another cartoon series that revolutionized the business of animation. “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy” debuted in 2000 on Cartoon Network as a “test run” and began its series run the following year.
  • INKtober Day 8 – Tweety Bird
    Who doesn’t love Tweety Bird? For me, his best moments are when Tweety makes that mischievous, evil glance. He is just like my chihuahua, Boo Boo. They both look so innocent but you know evil thoughts and plans are brewing in their brains. It is always the petite, loveable characters that you need to watch out for.
  • INKtober Day 7 – Duck Dodgers
    I spoke earlier about how the new generation of cartoons in the 90’s reshaped the industry. This lead to the rebirth of Duck Dodgers as a television series for three years in the year 2004. It was an amazing show which brought back Porky Pig alongside of Daffy Duck.
  • INKtober Day 6 – Eugene the Jeep
    I wanted to draw some obscure for my INKtober sketch cards this year. The odd-ball subjects seem to sell quickly at my comic con appearances. How much more obscure can you get than Eugene the Jeep from Popeye? I remember seeing “Jeep” in the old Fleischer cartoons. “Jeep” was so weird!
  • INKtober Day 5 – Courage the Cowardly Dog
    Out of all the amazing cartoons that emerged for my two sons, my favorite was “Courage the Cowardly Dog”. The show was so twisted. I was surprised at how much my two boys loved the show. I figured the show would be way over their heads. I also assumed the oddness would make the show a bit boring for them, but they ate up “Courage The Cowardly Dog”. So, today I pay tribute to this amazing show which plays out in my happy memories of my two sons.
  • INKtober Day 4 – Puddles Pity Party
    Today’s INKtober drawing is a more comic book style drawing of Puddles from Puddles Pity Party. In case you are new to my work, I draw everything my hand, sketching in pencil as I mold my vision to shape. Once pencils are good, I ink the art by hand. I do not draw digitally. I use pens and brushes to stamp my style into being. READ MORE…
  • Gooser Dadburn is a Crack-Shot in today’s Comic Strip
    In today’s comic strip, we see Charmy return as Gooser Dadburn. I really like the lady I created for this gag. I may have her return later for the comic book version of Gooser Dadburn’s tale. I need a strong leading lady for the story I am still molding into shape. READ MORE…
  • INKTOBER 2020 – Day 3 – Bugs Bunny
    Bugs is smoking a cigarette in today’s INKtober drawing. This is taken from an actual scene from the episode “Bugs Bunny Rides Again”. Heck, Fred Flinstone starred in a Winston Cigarette commercial. READ MORE
  • INKTOBER 2020 – DAY 2 – Frenchy as Han Solo
    Today’s drawing was a ton of fun. I believe I captured an amazing mashup of Frenchy with Harrison Ford. The pose is a classic image everyone has seen a million times, but I put my spin on it. I love doing mashups with may characters! SEE MORE
  • INKTOBER 2020 – DAY 1 – Frenchy as Darth Maul
    Today’s INKtober 2020 entry is a commission I am working on for one of my Patreon supporters. Here is Frenchy French as Darth Maul from Star Wars. READ MORE… #INKtober2020
  • Frenchy Plays an Evil Game in today’s Comic Strip
    One summer, my wife, my kids and I designated Wednesday night as Game Night. It was an amazing summer. We have a sun room in the back which housed the competitive activities. There was no television to distract us. We played dominoes, cards, and board games every week right after dinner. I have no idea why we stopped. I am sure school or sports had a hand in the this weekly event coming to a halt.
  • Frenchy is on the run today’s comic strip
    I love pushing the envelop with my comic strip. Sometimes I just wait for a publisher to call screaming at me for some of the gags I have created. This was one of them! I am not sure what was worse… the punchline… or Weavers knees. Man, Weaver needs to wear long jogging pants. His … Continue reading Frenchy is on the run today’s comic strip
  • This week’s comic strip is just NASTY!!!
    This was a fun comic strip to write. I love silly little gags like this. I also love writing gags for Flimp the Chimp. This monkey’s presence makes no sense in this comic strip… or does it? He begs the readers to question two key observations. Are they seeing a teeny tiny monkey?Are the readers … Continue reading This week’s comic strip is just NASTY!!!

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