• INKtober DAY 15 – Stock
    For this drawing, I again wanted to showcase my drawing style mashed up with the drawing style we are used to seeing when these guys are illustrated. I also wanted to make Stock a bit cuter than we are used to seeing. To do this, I teaked the eys and gave them a more whimsical … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 14 – Lock
    Here is the second installment of INKtober drawings featuring Lock, Stock and Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yesterday, I began the drawings with Barrel because I like to spotlight all who come in last. Today, I feature the leader Lock. I changed up the style a bit to mold the drawing more into my … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 13 – Barrel
    Here is TODAY'S installment of INKtober 2019. I am swamped with commission work, strip deadlines, and work on paintings for an exhibit I will have my work display in with other syndicated cartoonists. Oh, and then there is the day job as well. I keep saying that I need a vacation so badly…. and I … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 12 – Oogie Boogie
    < PREVIOUS NEXT > I have never been a huge fan of my own work until this year. I have always had issues with the stiffness of my characters. Two years ago. I finally loosened up. Slowly, my art has elevated to this new and exciting level. I cannot wait to draw something…. ANYTHING… every … Read more
  • Despite all Her Rage, Frenchy’s still just a Rat in a Cage
    Talk about detail!!!! This dang comic strip took forever to color. I love layered color upon color. As you can see, the result is beautiful. The time if took to color this ONE strip was the sames as when I color four comic strips… and there are only THREE panels in this comic strip!
  • INKtober DAY 11 – Wednesday Addams
    The Addams Family was a HUGE success during INKtober. The hits on my website have been very impressive. I hope to get these cards colored soon because I would love to sell them at Tyler Comic Con on November 2nd and 3rd unless the person who requested them wishes to purchase them.
  • INKtober DAY 10 – Uncle Fester
    I cannot wait to find time to watch the new Addams Family movie! If you have followed my blog for a while, or know me personally, you already know that I never have time to sit and watch any movies. I am a workoholic so I never take out enough time for myself to sit … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 9 – Cousin It
    I fell a little behind. I had two big commissions come in for Tyler Comic Con. Between the day job and these commissions, I have been killing myself trying to keep my head above water.
  • INKtober DAY 8 – Grandmama
    Today, for the eighth day of INKtober, I chose to ink in Grandmama from The Addams Family. She was the one character on the show who did not see good character development during the original series two year run. I always saw her as being the "Grandpa Munster" of the Addams Family. She messes with … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 7 – THING!!!
    I remember as a kid, I believed Thing from the Addams Family was NOT a severed hand because he always appeared like a puppet. The original television did not have the technology that exists today so they had to use shortcuts. Thing would be whoever's hand was available to stick out from a box. I … Read more

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