• Frenchy is on the run today’s comic strip
    I love pushing the envelop with my comic strip. Sometimes I just wait for a publisher to call screaming at me for some of the gags I have created. This was one of them! I am not sure what was worse… the punchline… or Weavers knees. Man, Weaver needs to wear long jogging pants. His … Continue reading Frenchy is on the run today’s comic strip
  • This week’s comic strip is just NASTY!!!
    This was a fun comic strip to write. I love silly little gags like this. I also love writing gags for Flimp the Chimp. This monkey’s presence makes no sense in this comic strip… or does it? He begs the readers to question two key observations. Are they seeing a teeny tiny monkey?Are the readers … Continue reading This week’s comic strip is just NASTY!!!
  • Never Judge a Book by It’s Cover – Lesson Learned in today’s Comic Strip
    Charmy jumps to a conclusion in today’s comic strip, making him look like a complete jerk at the conclusion of this installment. It is very important to take in all the facts before jumping to an assumption that could come back to bite you in the end. READ MORE!!!!
  • Frenchy Stands on Her Head for a Trick
    I sketched this strip out and Frenchy looked terrible! The proportions were out of whack. She looked so odd! How does anyone draw a person who is upside-down? Easy. .. READ MORE….
  • Frenchy performs a trick in today’s comic strip!
    Frenchy performs a trick in today’s comic strip. Life is how you look at it. Sometimes you think you are on top, only to find out you are just a number. Today’s comic strip is deeper than the gag let’s on! Frenchy thinks see knows the answer, but in fact she has the perspective backwards. Such is life. For months I have had projects moving forward only to have unexpected diversions warp my perspective.
  • Davy’s Final Comic Strip Appearance
    I am going to drop out of appearing in my comic strip. I had stated this a few years ago, only to return 9 months later. I fear my appearances are taking focus away from my characters. The other concern regards the fact that my appearances break that fourth wall, losing the fantasy I have worked so hard to establish.
  • Frenchy rips on Sarge in Today’s Comic Strip
    You can cry about your problems… or you can do something about your problems. Or, as in my case this weekend, you can just accept the situation and move forward. For me, this weekend would have been the final stop on my Texas Comic Con Tour. I had a few other shows lined up, but they were all small shows. READ MORE….
  • Shocking Events in Today’s Comic Strip Inspired by REAL-LIFE Event!
    Today’s comic strip was “inspired” by a real-life event. I know that you are thinking that I must live a really twisted life. Was I the one wearing lederhosen? I do believe I would rock some lederhosen, but the fact is that I have never donned the traditional German wear.To be honest, I have never witnessed a soul sporting lederhosen. This is on my bucket list. Once this dang pandemic is over, I want to go to a real Oktoberfest and bask in the Germany history and their delicacies. READ MORE….
  • It is a Dog’s Life in Today’s Comic Strip
    Today we officially meet Tim. This is a preview of things to come in my upcoming comic book series for Frenchy and her Warrior Wench Wendy alter ego. I am so very happy with the comic book so far. The only issue is that this comic book is taking a long time to sketch out. … Continue reading It is a Dog’s Life in Today’s Comic Strip
  • Today’s comic strip is a KNOCK-OUT!
    It is crazy how much a name can help shape who you are. Imagine is The Rock wrestled under Dwayne Johnson. There is a huge list of people you thought you knew… but are REALLY born with another, less impacting, name. Check out this list of REAL celebrity names!… READ MORE
  • Today’s Comic Strip is a “Matter of Opinion”
    Opinions are like… BELLY BUTTONS. Everyone has one but some are innies and some are outties. Some people like to hide them and some people love to flaunt them. Some people will pierce them and others would rather die first. There are rumors that Barbara Eden was born without one! I really doubt that is true…
  • Warrior Wench Wendy – The Comic Book
    I have been writing and re-writing this epic tale over and over again for two years. Finally, I said, “enough is enough” and I deleted everything I wrote so far and started over. I came up with an amazing story that sounded too good to be true. I knew I had written the greatest story anyone has ever read. Then I did some research and discovered I had plagiarized the 2001 film A Knight’s Tale. At first I thought I could just tweak what I wrote. Then I saw the movie again and remembered that I hated the film. Afterwards, I realized I hated the story I wrote. So, I deleted that one too.
  • Davy’s Curse is Lifted in Today’s Strip – This is the Censored version
    Newspapers are a bit tricky. You cannot refer to certain things like… drinking. Originally, Charmy and the gang hung out at the Candy Bar and drank beer. I was watching too many episodes of Family Guy I guess. I grew up in the era of Andy Cap back when comic strip characters were all drunks.
  • Today’s Comic Strip – Davy needs to use Uber next time!
    Davy is still cursed in today’s comic strip! As I stated a few weeks ago, this story was written in February before all heck broke loose around the world. This story is an example of what cartoonists go through when prepping comic strips months in advance. The timing on this series of comic strips focusing on Davy’s bad luck is ill-timed. Garnering any sympathy for Davy’s bad luck is not going to happen because we ALL are experiencing some extremely bad luck.
  • Frenchy will do ANYTHING to break the curse in today’s comic strip
    Something tells me that Charmy knew Frenchy was holding poison ivy the entire time. On the other hand, Charmy is very protective when it comes to Frenchy. So, maybe he did not have a clue. Charmy sees Frenchy as the little sister he never had. The truth is…. he DOES have a younger sister. She was mentioned about 7 years ago during the episode featuring Charmy’s nephews Rusty, Dusty, and Crusty. Unfortunately, that story appears to be lost. I have searched my backups and I cannot find any comic strips that survived. I even searched by blog archives. Not sure how these strips vanished!!!!
  • Oh!!! The Horror! Today’s comic strip is Horror Full!!!!!
    Today’s blog includes a comic strip AND a poem!!!!
  • Davy and his Comic Strips is CURSED!
    This comic strip was written back in February during a layover I experienced on a business trip for my day job. I step in… or should I say “step up”… (READ HOW I WRITE COMIC STRIPS IN ADVANCE)
  • Flimp Messes with some Dangerous Chemicals
    Here is a comic strip where the story is going to expand later into a full comic book. Once I get syndicated, I hope to convince the syndicates into letting me publish a monthly comic book digitally on their website. Each book would be based upon a single strip, or series of strips, which need(s) further exploring. This week’s single strip is a great example.
  • Frenchy beats the @#$@ out of a ghost in today’s comic strip
    Comicpalooza was scheduled for this weekend. Of course, as with all comic cons scheduled this month, this show did not go on as originally planned. Out of all the show appearances I do each year, Comicpalooza is the one show where I make a good chunk of change, I walk away from this show with enough money to fund two more show appearances. Without Comicpalooza, my year is shot. Even if I am able to have a show or two take place this year, I will struggle to break even because I doubt any show this year will have a large attendance.
  • The Gang Plummet to their Deaths in today’s Comic Strip!
    Okay, so they are not plummeting to their deaths. I have to make my descriptions enticing so my readers are drawn in to read my comic strip and my weekly blog. Now that I have your attention, let me elaborate on today’s comic strip. This week’s strips was a joy to create! As I was sketching in this week’s comic strip, I knew the presentation would be epic. I am a huge fan of comic strips that change up the visuals in each panel. Changing each panel as drastically as I present here makes for a breathtaking look.
  • Today’s Comic Strip is so Terrifying that Flimp Passes Out!
    Just a quick update. Nerd Fest 2020 has been cancelled. I received word on this a few days ago. My next show is August 1 and 2, but I have not seen any updates on their website. I have had quite a few people ask me about the show’s status. August is still a long distance into the future and this show typically does not announce guests until closer to showtime. I am very confident the show will take place. When it does, I plan on being there for you all… unless the scenario is dangerous for you. Again we are months away and I know the promoter. He is awesome and will do what is best for all… READ MORE…
  • Charmy Launches on Comixology TODAY!
    History begins today as we mark the debut of Charmy’s Army on ComiXology! Charmy’s Army – Year One collects all 52 comic strips from the newspaper debut of Davy’s comic strip starring a troop of army ants and a little monkey. At the time, no one had any idea how insanely popular this silly comic strip would become.
  • Charmy Jumps Out of an Airplane!
    So what is my next leap? I am going to request membership, FULL MEMBERSHIP, in the National Cartoonists Society. Full membership has been my dream since I was 12 years old. To be a member of a club where Charles M. Schulz was a member means more than anyone could ever know. To be part of a society where only the cream of the crop has risen would mean true success for a dream only a few at one time believed I am destined to achieve. After the past highly successful years, most everyone believes in my dream. Hard work pays off.
  • My Digital Comic Book comes to Comixology
    Once I launch on May 6, 2020, a media blitz will hit with links to the digital comic book featuring the treasury collection of my comic strip. Please stay TOON’ed! Thank you for supporting my dream!
  • How Turtle Presses his Luck!
    I am always thinking of my dear grandmother who I always referred to as Hoo Hoo. She was the first character I gave a name to… Hoo Hoo. She was the driving force behind my faith and my creative talent as she was highly supportive of both my love of God and my passion for cartooning…. READ MORE
  • Flimp is STILL Eating Garbage!!!!
    Thursday, I received an email congratulating me on having my comic book picked up for distribution through Comixology and Amazon. I am freaking approved! In under a week, I have become a real “PUBLISHED” cartoonist. In a few weeks, my digital collection will be available for purchase. (read more)…
  • Flimp Eats Garbage!!!!! GROSS!!!! Today’s comic strip goes too far!!!!!!!
    As you can see in today’s comic strip, the three flies have returned! Trivia time!!!!! The flies have names. The name of the crazy fly is… CLICK TO SEE MORE.
  • What is the #rEVOLUTION Movement?
    NEW VISION! I now want to share my hashtag to bring happiness to the world by uniting artists together with one common goal. I want artists to use their talent to better the lives of people across the world. Together, we can use our God given talents to ease the pain of our nation. The main priority is to give, not receive. If you use the hashtag to sell something, like a digital comic book, you must offer something free along with the download.
  • Missing Your Favorite Comic Con? Davy has a Solution!
    I feel your pain. My brain has been running in circles with idea after idea as my pea brain tries to figure out how I can give you all that comic con experience. I think I have a great plan. You are all meeting that thrill of meeting your idols. You miss getting prints from your favorite artists. You miss that haul of goodies. You miss your running buddies who you share that experience with. I want to give you the joy you feel at these pop culture events. Most of all, I want to help you all escape from the scary world we are walking in. More on that in a second.
  • Reuben Awards Predictions from Davy Jones!
    This is the OSCARS for cartoonists. It is the Wrestlemania for dreamers. Winning a Reuben cements your legacy. Getting nominated ain’t chopped liver either. Just to be nominated for a Reuben is one of the items in my bucket list.
  • No MSG in THIS Comic Strip!!! – The #rEVOLUTION Begins…
    I have never been more excited to present the world with a story that will change everything. Never has a comic strip branched out into the dark world of Graphic Novels. I am not revealing anything yet. I will inform you that the beginning, the middle, the twist, and the tear jerking ending is finalized. You will never look at any other comic strip again without comparing them to Charmy’s Army. I am going to set that bar so high!
  • Mushy Kissing in today’s Comic Strip… YUCK!!!
    Frenchy and Flimp make a great duo! Flimp may not appear at first to be needed here, right? WRONG! Flimp was added for a reason. Read the strips AGAIN but imagine that flimp is not there. Without the presence of Flimp, Frenchy’s comments will sound mean-spirited. With Flimp the Chimp in place, Frenchy’s comments have a more playful appeal. Flimp’s dumb-founded expression at the end softens the blow.
  • Never Anger a Monkey
    Yikes! The Corona Virus is scaring the jeepers out of everyone and the pill is hard to swallow. South By Southwest is a huge music festival in Austin, Texas with people traveling into the city from all over the world to enjoy the massive concert event which plays all over Austin. The festival stills into small bars as well as the local stadium. There are millions of dollars to be made… and the event was cancelled due to fears of the Corona Virus. This cancellation will seriously hurt the economy in Austin as well as the small business owners who depend on the annual event to keep their doors open.
  • Frenchy will Believe Anything
    Davy the Selling Man Some of you have seen me at my comic con appearances. If you have, you know I am a great salesman! I love talking to people and I love to pitch something I believe in. What I love most about appearing at my comic cons is the fact that I get … Continue reading Frenchy will Believe Anything
  • Things are not adding up for Frenchy!
    Back in late September, I am certain someone placed a curse on me. My kitchen flooded right as my wife and I were walking out the door for our first vacation together in nearly two decades. Big changes at the day job placed huge new roles on top of the massive tasks I was already responsible for… plus my best friends at the job were all let go. Little things here and there kept piling up all through December. January also kept tacking on more rough spots… but February began rolling so smoothly.

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