• Frenchy is Captured on Canvas!
    I am so very pleased with my painting for the Gallery Show in Keller, Texas! Frenchy looks amazing. I am getting more comfortable painting with each completed piece. Charmy took a few days to paint. Weaver also took a few days. Frenchy took just a day. Turtle is close to being completed and he also … Read more
  • It is time for some HOLIDAY FUN!
    Once again, I am bringing a little holiday cheer with my comic strip. For the next few weeks, I will bring you a little story starring Frenchy. I wanted to write a mini story that is a bit twisted… and unlike anything else you have seen in the newspapers before. Sadly, sense I am not … Read more
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
    I have received more support this year from my readers than I have received over the course of the past 10 years. Your personal messages with words of support have been pouring in nearly every day. The expressions of love and appreciation at my comic con appearances has been awe inspiring. It was only three … Read more
  • Charmy's Ten Year Challenge
    Ten years ago, while working at Funtastic Toys in Houston, I doodled this little ant on my lunch break. Charmy's Army was born. I wanted to develop a drawing style similar to Pearl's Before Swine when I was developing this new comic strip about a troop of army ants. I had perfected a style for … Read more
  • Today’s comics strip features one of my worst puns ever…
    What an amazingly bad pun! Today's comic strip is either a masterpiece of humor… or a master piece of #$%@…..
  • Weaver Comes to Life in my Latest Painting
    Here is the second of 5 paintings I am working on for the big art exhibit in Keller, Texas. Weaver Wood is one of the most important characters in my comic strip. Weaver is the glue that holds everything together. If you look at classic television shows featuring insanely crazy characters, there is always one … Read more
  • Charmy to debut in Dallas-Fort Worth area Art Gallery!
    The official announcement will be coming soon. SPOILER: I have been asked to bring the Charmy and the gang from my comic strip, Charmy's Army, to life in an art exhibit in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. The show is actually in Keller, Texas. in the ONE big city in Texas where I have … Read more
  • Turtle’s Crush on Frenchy Comes to an Abrupt End!
    Ever since Turtle debuted 7 years ago, he has had a crush on Frenchy. I love this character… Turtle is modeled after myself when I was in school. I would have a mad crush on a girl and all I could do is stand there all nervous and awe struck. I felt like a big … Read more
  • Charmy Thanks Tyler Comic Con
    What an amazing show! I was floored, that after two years, everyone came back out to see me again and support my dream. You are all amazing. It was fun catching up with everyone. I love your city so freaking much. The old downtown is so beautiful. I hung out at the coffee shop downtown … Read more
  • Warrior Wench Wendy – Dragon Expert
    Want to know the real facts behind ancient dragons? Ask Warrior Wench Wendy! She has fought and slain more dragons than anyone. Knowing everything possible about dragons is crucial to ones survival when combating these winged, scaly beasts.
  • Charmy Teaches Everyone a Lesson Today
    I decided to make my comic strip educational today. I do attract a more refined audience after all. I need to make my strip "smarter". My audience needs material that educates and stimulates the mind. With that in mind, I was inspired to write today's comic strip. I hope Charmy teaches you all a lesson.
  • Frenchy and those wasted years…
    What a rough month October has been! I have really reflected on my own life recently. It seems that every 3 to 4 days in October, something really bad has happened to us. First was the pipe breaking and cancelling our Vegas trip. This was followed by issues at the day job, house repairs, car … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 24 – Underdog
    Another one of my favorite cartoons, UNDERDOG! This one was on Channel 26 if my memory serves my correctly. It was also only on for a short time in reruns on that network. None-the-less, it was one of my favorite cartoon shows when I was a kid. Underdog was a character I could relate to.
  • INKtober Day 23 – Popeye
    As a kid, I had a schedule to keep. Every afternoon at 3:00 it was time for Popeye and Friends on Channel 39 here in Houston. "Hey kids! Do you know what time it is?" asked my glowing box of joy. "It's time for Popeye and Friends!" I would yell back in sync with the … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 22 – Pikachu as Bardock from Dragonball Z
    INKtober 2019 – Day 22 – Pikachu as Bardock from Dragonball Z Check out the line work on this baby! Here is a commission I worked up for Tyler Comic Con. I am so very happy with this one. The better the bristol board, the cleaner the flow of ink and the tighter the lines.
  • INKtober DAY 21 – Pikachu as Kurt Cobain
    Today's INKtober features Pikachu as the legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. I remember discovering the band a few years before Kurt's death. I remember when I heard Heart Shaped Box for the first time on the radio. I knew Nirvana was going to become the band to beat… and then Kurt passed away. To this … Read more
  • A Fun Halloween Comic Strip
    I decided to run my Halloween strip THIS week. I wanted to run it early before everyone gets sick of Halloween. You can tell from this comic strip that I am itching to start writing episodic comic strips with a running story. Running in weekly newspapers puts be at a huge disadvantage because it takes … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 20 – Sally
    For today's INKtober installment of Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, I tweaked her looks just a hair. I took her length down a bit. Her neck is not quite as long. If I were to develop her for a run in a comic book, I would not make her quite so long. I would … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 19 – Jack Skellington
    Today, I have inked up Jack Skellington. I am going to get this colored next week so I can sell it at Tyler Comic Con. This will be an awesome show! It will be my last big show of the year and my last big show until Comicpalooza in May. I want to make Tyler … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 18 – Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas
    I wanted to draw Zero for INKtober, but felt it would be too easy and look too simplistic. He is a sheet and a big nose. How hard is that to draw? With that in mind, I upped the ante. I added Zero's mausoleum. The result was the most impressive sketch card I have ever … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 17 – Dr Finkelstein
    Well, the second half of INKtober is on. I start the second half with a high detail drawing of Dr. Finkelstein from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This will be a fun card to color up using my color Copic markers. I am hoping to have this set ready to sell at Tyler Comic Con in … Read more
  • INKtober Day 16 – The Mayor of Halloween Town
    I wish I had scanned the pencil sketch. It was VERY loose sketch of the Mayor of Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas.. Usually, I put a ton of detail into the pencil sketch, but this time I was feeling it. I jumped to the inking and nailed it. I love the perspectives in … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 15 – Stock
    For this drawing, I again wanted to showcase my drawing style mashed up with the drawing style we are used to seeing when these guys are illustrated. I also wanted to make Stock a bit cuter than we are used to seeing. To do this, I teaked the eys and gave them a more whimsical … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 14 – Lock
    Here is the second installment of INKtober drawings featuring Lock, Stock and Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yesterday, I began the drawings with Barrel because I like to spotlight all who come in last. Today, I feature the leader Lock. I changed up the style a bit to mold the drawing more into my … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 13 – Barrel
    Here is TODAY'S installment of INKtober 2019. I am swamped with commission work, strip deadlines, and work on paintings for an exhibit I will have my work display in with other syndicated cartoonists. Oh, and then there is the day job as well. I keep saying that I need a vacation so badly…. and I … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 12 – Oogie Boogie
    < PREVIOUS NEXT > I have never been a huge fan of my own work until this year. I have always had issues with the stiffness of my characters. Two years ago. I finally loosened up. Slowly, my art has elevated to this new and exciting level. I cannot wait to draw something…. ANYTHING… every … Read more
  • Despite all Her Rage, Frenchy’s still just a Rat in a Cage
    Talk about detail!!!! This dang comic strip took forever to color. I love layered color upon color. As you can see, the result is beautiful. The time if took to color this ONE strip was the sames as when I color four comic strips… and there are only THREE panels in this comic strip!
  • INKtober DAY 11 – Wednesday Addams
    The Addams Family was a HUGE success during INKtober. The hits on my website have been very impressive. I hope to get these cards colored soon because I would love to sell them at Tyler Comic Con on November 2nd and 3rd unless the person who requested them wishes to purchase them.
  • INKtober DAY 10 – Uncle Fester
    I cannot wait to find time to watch the new Addams Family movie! If you have followed my blog for a while, or know me personally, you already know that I never have time to sit and watch any movies. I am a workoholic so I never take out enough time for myself to sit … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 9 – Cousin It
    I fell a little behind. I had two big commissions come in for Tyler Comic Con. Between the day job and these commissions, I have been killing myself trying to keep my head above water.
  • INKtober DAY 8 – Grandmama
    Today, for the eighth day of INKtober, I chose to ink in Grandmama from The Addams Family. She was the one character on the show who did not see good character development during the original series two year run. I always saw her as being the "Grandpa Munster" of the Addams Family. She messes with … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 7 – THING!!!
    I remember as a kid, I believed Thing from the Addams Family was NOT a severed hand because he always appeared like a puppet. The original television did not have the technology that exists today so they had to use shortcuts. Thing would be whoever's hand was available to stick out from a box. I … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 6 – Lurch from the Addams Family
    Today's INKtober drawing features Lurch from The Addams Family. I loved the way the original television show used lurch in such a high capacity. As a butler, the writers could have just kept him in the shadows, but they chose to give Lurch character. Most producers would want to writers to pen their attention to … Read more
  • Frenchy’s “Word to the Wise” may change your life!
    I am a huge fan of Peanuts by Charles M Schulz, especially his heart-warming comic strips. Charles M Schulz had a knack for slipping in a little wisdom, a touch of faith, and a splash of growth into his comic strips from time to time. I have been waiting for the right time to slow … Read more
  • INKtober DAY 5 – Pugsley Addams
    Chaos! When I think of Pugsley Addams, I think of utter and complete chaos. In order to do this card justice for INKtober, I had to ink in a little chaos in the hands of Pugsley…. and all AROUND Pugsley Addams. To me, any scene with Pugsley needs to have something going array in the … Read more

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