• Reuben Awards Predictions from Davy Jones!
    This is the OSCARS for cartoonists. It is the Wrestlemania for dreamers. Winning a Reuben cements your legacy. Getting nominated ain’t chopped liver either. Just to be nominated for a Reuben is one of the items in my bucket list.
  • No MSG in THIS Comic Strip!!! – The #rEVOLUTION Begins…
    I have never been more excited to present the world with a story that will change everything. Never has a comic strip branched out into the dark world of Graphic Novels. I am not revealing anything yet. I will inform you that the beginning, the middle, the twist, and the tear jerking ending is finalized. You will never look at any other comic strip again without comparing them to Charmy’s Army. I am going to set that bar so high!
  • Mushy Kissing in today’s Comic Strip… YUCK!!!
    Frenchy and Flimp make a great duo! Flimp may not appear at first to be needed here, right? WRONG! Flimp was added for a reason. Read the strips AGAIN but imagine that flimp is not there. Without the presence of Flimp, Frenchy’s comments will sound mean-spirited. With Flimp the Chimp in place, Frenchy’s comments have a more playful appeal. Flimp’s dumb-founded expression at the end softens the blow.
  • Never Anger a Monkey
    Yikes! The Corona Virus is scaring the jeepers out of everyone and the pill is hard to swallow. South By Southwest is a huge music festival in Austin, Texas with people traveling into the city from all over the world to enjoy the massive concert event which plays all over Austin. The festival stills into small bars as well as the local stadium. There are millions of dollars to be made… and the event was cancelled due to fears of the Corona Virus. This cancellation will seriously hurt the economy in Austin as well as the small business owners who depend on the annual event to keep their doors open.
  • Frenchy will Believe Anything
    Davy the Selling Man Some of you have seen me at my comic con appearances. If you have, you know I am a great salesman! I love talking to people and I love to pitch something I believe in. What I love most about appearing at my comic cons is the fact that I get … Continue reading BLOG POSTSRead more
  • Things are not adding up for Frenchy!
    Back in late September, I am certain someone placed a curse on me. My kitchen flooded right as my wife and I were walking out the door for our first vacation together in nearly two decades. Big changes at the day job placed huge new roles on top of the massive tasks I was already responsible for… plus my best friends at the job were all let go. Little things here and there kept piling up all through December. January also kept tacking on more rough spots… but February began rolling so smoothly.
  • Charmy is Wounded… Takes the Shot… in today’s Comic Strip
    Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I hate needles. I pass out when I get a simple flu shot. Today’s comic strip is inspired by true-life events, you could say. Between this fear and the fear of public speaking, my life has been full of moments with profuse sweating. Surprisingly, my … Continue reading BLOG POSTSRead more
  • Davy’s Cartooning Dream is Over!
    Yes, that is correct. After years of dreaming about becoming a REAL cartoonist, I have decided to take a deep breathe, look back at my long running dream, and make a hard call…. I AM DROPPING MY CHILDHOOD DREAM For decades, I have worked so hard on my cartoons. I keep telling everyone about my … Continue reading BLOG POSTSRead more
  • Today’s Comic Strip will Make Your Heart Melt.
    This year, I will be leading the panel about cartooning. My panel will also include Ryan Shaw, an amazing artist who I met a few years ago. The panel will be answering anything the audience wants to learn about. Since this crowd will be made up of young kids who have never been to a panel before, I am prepping a bunch of questions to have on hand for kids to pick from. Here are a list of 20 questions for the panel.
  • This week’s comic strip – “Clone Alone” – Plus an Ode to Monty Python’s Terry Jones
    This week, we lost Terry Jones of Monty Python fame. Terry was the second Python I was introduced to. I was 12 years old ad working Saturdays at a local cattle auction. I normally arrived back home around 11:00 pm smelling like cow poop. I was a huge fan of Saturday Night Live, but by the time I cleaned up… cow poop takes a long time to remove… I had time to see one skit on Saturday Night Live.
  • Charmy Wrestlers with the Unpopular Truth.
    I agree with turtle. Those two look so fake in today’s comic strip.
  • Charmy gets a Tattoo!!!
    Tattoos are all the rage these days so it only makes sense that Charmy would get a tattoo… or does it. Charmy hates needles. I am betting he was passed out during the inking process!
  • Warrior Wench Wendy Tackles a Giant
    Warrior Wench Wendy tackles a giant dragon in today’s comic strip.
  • Frenchy, the Birthday Girl in All Her Glory!
    Well, when this comic strip becomes a cultural phenomenon, you can chalk this strip up as answering a future trivia question. When is Frenchy’s Birthday? Frenchy was born on January 1st! You can answer with more detail and sound like a super fan by responding, Frenchy was born on January 1st at One in the morning. Now, as for the YEAR she was born, no one may ever know. I definitely too afraid to ask Frenchy what her age is. I dare say that no one is brave enough. Even to take a guess would mean a painful retaliation.
  • Davy’s Art – 2019 Top 10
    For the first time in 5 years, I actually made a little money at every appearance. 2019 was awesome! I want to share with everyone my Top 10 Art Pieces for 2019 so you can see why my show appearances were so successful.
  • Who is that girl?
    In case you have not noticed, I love drawing black eyes. Charmy has been on the receiving end of quite a few knuckle sandwiches. There was the time Frenchy popped him in the eye for eating her sandwich. There was the time Frenchy smacked him in the eye with a rolling pin after Charmy read her diary on Facebook live. Then there was the time Frenchy socked him in the eye after Charmy switched out her deodorant with a block of cream cheese. Seems every black eye was delivered by Charmy.
  • How to Pronounce “Pecan”
    For decades, people have been arguing over the correct pronunciation of the word pecan. Thousands of hours of research have been exhausted. I have interviewed people from all over the United States and Europe and I feel confident that this paradox has been resolved.
  • Santa is REALLY Mad at Frenchy!
    The holidays are here! You can tell just by looking at the traffic around the shopping centers and malls. People are in a panic trying to get all of their gifts purchased. Thanksgiving arrived late this year so there are fewer shopping days before Christmas. As for myself, I am so behind on my shopping. This has more to do with my comic strip commitments than it does with the shortened buying season.
  • Frenchy’s Evil Plan Changes a Bit
    Here is the second holiday strip from Charmy’s Army! We continue last week’s story with an update on Frenchy’s evil plan to steal some gold. I would love to really expand this idea out into a 30 minute animated Holiday Special one day. I think this story could be expanded nicely and shaped into a very fun story of greed being overcome by the Spirit of the holidays.
  • Frenchy is Captured on Canvas!
    I am so very pleased with my painting for the Gallery Show in Keller, Texas! Frenchy looks amazing. I am getting more comfortable painting with each completed piece. Charmy took a few days to paint. Weaver also took a few days. Frenchy took just a day. Turtle is close to being completed and he also took a full day to paint once his painting gets the last few hours worth of work on those glasses and his shirt. Then, I justy have the Monkey to complete. Flimp will take another full day. I am going to complete these with NO time to spare.
  • It is time for some HOLIDAY FUN!
    Once again, I am bringing a little holiday cheer with my comic strip. For the next few weeks, I will bring you a little story starring Frenchy. I wanted to write a mini story that is a bit twisted… and unlike anything else you have seen in the newspapers before. Sadly, sense I am not syndicated daily, I am only presenting a story that is three strips long. Hopefully next year I will finally be syndicated and I can bring everyone a two week, 12 strip long epic holiday story.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
    I have received more support this year from my readers than I have received over the course of the past 10 years. Your personal messages with words of support have been pouring in nearly every day. The expressions of love and appreciation at my comic con appearances has been awe inspiring. It was only three years ago I came off a huge monetary loss, appearing at show after show where no one knew who I was…. and I was ready to throw in the towel. Hard work pays off. I was relentless, pressing on, and I found an audience growing like a wild fire with each passing show. Flash forward to 2019 and I have turned a profit at EVERY show. I have even appeared at a few very bad shows this year, and I still pulled a profit at each one.
  • Charmy’s Ten Year Challenge
    Ten years ago, while working at Funtastic Toys in Houston, I doodled this little ant on my lunch break. Charmy’s Army was born. I wanted to develop a drawing style similar to Pearl’s Before Swine when I was developing this new comic strip about a troop of army ants. I had perfected a style for my comic strip called Okrapolis, but that drawing style did not seem to get any attention. It was time for a change so I ripped off Stephan Pastis’s style… doing a rather poor version of his style I might add. For two years I struggled with a style that was no reflection of “who I am”. After two years, I slowly morphed Charmy and the gang into the look and feel you all know and love now.
  • Today’s comics strip features one of my worst puns ever…
    What an amazingly bad pun! Today’s comic strip is either a masterpiece of humor… or a master piece of #$%@…..
  • Weaver Comes to Life in my Latest Painting
    Here is the second of 5 paintings I am working on for the big art exhibit in Keller, Texas. Weaver Wood is one of the most important characters in my comic strip. Weaver is the glue that holds everything together. If you look at classic television shows featuring insanely crazy characters, there is always one character in the lot who anchors the insanity.
  • Charmy to debut in Dallas-Fort Worth area Art Gallery!
    The official announcement will be coming soon. SPOILER: I have been asked to bring the Charmy and the gang from my comic strip, Charmy’s Army, to life in an art exhibit in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. The show is actually in Keller, Texas. in the ONE big city in Texas where I have not made a comic con appearance. This will be the first time my art has been for sale in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This will be awesome. I plan on contacting all the comic book shops in this massive landscape to see if they are interested in doing any promotions.
  • Turtle’s Crush on Frenchy Comes to an Abrupt End!
    Ever since Turtle debuted 7 years ago, he has had a crush on Frenchy. I love this character… Turtle is modeled after myself when I was in school. I would have a mad crush on a girl and all I could do is stand there all nervous and awe struck. I felt like a big old nerd which is why Turtle is drawn the way he is. My eye glasses felt super huge when I was around girls. If I was a cartoon character, I would have has the hearts floating over my head as well.
  • Charmy Thanks Tyler Comic Con
    What an amazing show! I was floored, that after two years, everyone came back out to see me again and support my dream. You are all amazing. It was fun catching up with everyone. I love your city so freaking much. The old downtown is so beautiful. I hung out at the coffee shop downtown just a few miles from the convention center and just fell in love with the vibe. The coffee was awesome too… oh, and that pastry with the egg and sausage… I wish I could eat there every morning!
  • Warrior Wench Wendy – Dragon Expert
    Want to know the real facts behind ancient dragons? Ask Warrior Wench Wendy! She has fought and slain more dragons than anyone. Knowing everything possible about dragons is crucial to ones survival when combating these winged, scaly beasts.
  • Charmy Teaches Everyone a Lesson Today
    I decided to make my comic strip educational today. I do attract a more refined audience after all. I need to make my strip “smarter”. My audience needs material that educates and stimulates the mind. With that in mind, I was inspired to write today’s comic strip. I hope Charmy teaches you all a lesson.
  • Frenchy and those wasted years…
    What a rough month October has been! I have really reflected on my own life recently. It seems that every 3 to 4 days in October, something really bad has happened to us. First was the pipe breaking and cancelling our Vegas trip. This was followed by issues at the day job, house repairs, car repairs…. all of which are nothing compared to the bigger picture…. which I face today.
  • INKtober DAY 24 – Underdog
    Another one of my favorite cartoons, UNDERDOG! This one was on Channel 26 if my memory serves my correctly. It was also only on for a short time in reruns on that network. None-the-less, it was one of my favorite cartoon shows when I was a kid. Underdog was a character I could relate to.
  • INKtober Day 23 – Popeye
    As a kid, I had a schedule to keep. Every afternoon at 3:00 it was time for Popeye and Friends on Channel 39 here in Houston. “Hey kids! Do you know what time it is?” asked my glowing box of joy. “It’s time for Popeye and Friends!” I would yell back in sync with the kids on television screaming the same response.
  • INKtober DAY 22 – Pikachu as Bardock from Dragonball Z
    INKtober 2019 – Day 22 – Pikachu as Bardock from Dragonball Z Check out the line work on this baby! Here is a commission I worked up for Tyler Comic Con. I am so very happy with this one. The better the bristol board, the cleaner the flow of ink and the tighter the lines.
  • INKtober DAY 21 – Pikachu as Kurt Cobain
    Today’s INKtober features Pikachu as the legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. I remember discovering the band a few years before Kurt’s death. I remember when I heard Heart Shaped Box for the first time on the radio. I knew Nirvana was going to become the band to beat… and then Kurt passed away. To this day, I can feel the sadness in my heart. Kurt was an amazing talent and a huge loss to the music industry.

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