INKtober DAY 15 – Stock

INKtober Day 15 - Stock from The Nightmare Before Christmas
INKtober Day 15 – Stock from The Nightmare Before Christmas

I am ahead of schedule now!

It feels good to be ahead of the curve. Tomorrow I am going to focus on drawing up at least 5 cards so that I am way ahead of the curve. This way I can work for a few days on my two commissions while my wife is out of town on business. I want to get the commissions both inked and markered in color before the weekend. I need the weekend to replenish my prints for Tyler Comic Con.

For this drawing, I again wanted to showcase my drawing style mashed up with the drawing style we are used to seeing when these guys are illustrated. I also wanted to make Stock a bit cuter than we are used to seeing. To do this, I teaked the eys and gave them a more whimsical look. They are still evil looking, but they now have a tab bit more character to them. The tweak is subtle but it achieves the look I wanted.

LET ME KNOW IF YOU AGREE – Do you see the difference as described above?

Time to hit the hay and prep for work in the morning. Later!