INKtober – Day 19 – Charmy as Broken Matt Hardy

The greatest gimmick in wrestling history is without a doubt… BROKEN! Matt hardy is aINKtober - Day 19 - Charmy as Broken Matt Hardy - SHERPA mad genius. I remember watching the Broken Hardys on Impact Wrestling and thinking, “Man, I am glad they are not with the WWE anymore because Vince would have never approved this gimmick”!!!

Then, earlier this year, Matt and Jeff returned to the WWE… as the Hardy Boys. That was my biggest fear. The Broken gimmick is constantly being teased, but as of yet, the WWE has yet to release the madness that is Broken Matt and his brother Nero.

Dang, every time I look at this drawing of Charmy mashed up with Matt Hardy, I smile. I am really getting pretty good with these mash ups!!! I can hear Charmy channeling Matt Hardy saying, “Yea-ea-ea-ea-es!”

Nineteen days down. INKtober is flying by. If you have any suggestions for mash ups, please leave the ideas in the comments. I am just about done with every suggestion I have received so I need some more. THANKS!


INKtober – Day 18 – Frenchy as Ahsoka Tano

This was so much fun! We haven’t seen Frenchy in nearly a week, so I had here returnINKtober - Day 18 - Frenchy as Ahsoka Tano SHERPA with something fun….¬†Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I am a huge fan of the series and with this character. As the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka proved to be one amazingly tough Padawan.

Star Wars mash up seem to sell very well, so expect to see some new Star Wars art in the near future. I have a TON of Star Wars related sketch covers. I sold out of Star Wars mash up prints at Bell County Comic Con. It was the only time I ever sold out of anything. Unfortunately, after that show I had my string of really bad shows… more on that in my year end wrap up in a few months.

Do you have a suggestion for an INKtober mash up? I need some urgently!!!! Leave your suggestions in the comments.