Change is GOOD! – Warrior Wench Wendy’s sexy new look!

Warrior Wench Wendy's sexy new look!
Warrior Wenchy Wendy’s New Hairstyle!

Sometimes a little change makes a HUGE impression.

I hate to admit it, but appearances mean so much in today’s world. Even in Artist’s Alley, your work only means so much. You must dress to impress or you will get past over. I have noticed that when I wear a bright, colorful shirt, my sales are higher than when I wear dark colors. If you notice, I no longer wear dark shirts in Artist’s Alley. That reminds me, I need to get some new shirts before my next big show in Tyler schedules for early November. My current shirts shrunk a bit…. That is MY theory anyway. Um, let’s skip over to something else….

First Appearance of THE BLACK ARROW

This week, we witness the first appearance of The Black Arrow who is a legendary figure in the fantasy lore of Warrior Wench Wendy. Also known as Eradicator of Dragons, the Black Arrow, at one time, was the only dragon slayer in the land. Once the country was devastated by the arrival of a new breed of dragons known as the Dragons of Hades, the Black Arrow found himself ineffective against these new beasts.

The secret to the Black Arrow’s success against the earlier run of dragons was the use of the mystical arrow tip made from a rare flint only found in the misty Mountains of Springoria. The flint sparked upon impact with dragon scales, becoming the only weapon capable of piercing the skin of these flying, fire-breathing beasts. That is until the Dragons of Hades invasion.

These new dragons were massive and covered in scales that reflected light, making the beasts appear to glow. The most sinister attribute of these shiny scales were the mirroring effect the monsters used to reflect their surrounding, making them appear invisible. Once the sore about 100 yards overhead, the dragons turned in their scales to create a cloaking effect which, from that distance, shrouds the flying creatures in complete invisibility.

This is the opening story for my upcoming comic book starring Warrior Wench Wendy. I had hoped to have a few comic books completed by now, but they are SO expensive to print! I am running on PLAN B now. I need to get a syndicate behind me who can fund my comic book series. This is a better plan because if I can get GoComics to back me, I will have a massive distribution channel open for my work.


GOOD NEWS! – I may have another small show in Houston to announce soon. It is a show I knew nothing about until a week ago… but it was booked up. I am on the waiting list and was told a few people were dropping out. I should know Monday if I have a new show to announce. I need this one because the table is free and the show is local. Anything I make will be profit and I really need that right now.

BAD NEWS! – My newspaper count is dropping. I am only in 5 newspapers… or I mean to say, “WAS only in 5 newspapers”… I sent out my links yesterday and one email bounced back. This publisher places Charmy into two papers. I contacted the paper to discover some big changes were made and that the my comic strip is under review by the new management. Another paper I have been in folded. I am looking at the possibility of only running in two newspapers now. My goal was to ADD three more papers this year…. Instead, Charmy has LOST three newspapers. I am so depressed right now!

The bad news is a welcoming dilemma. I have been focusing on new art for my show appearances for three years now, overshadowing the big picture… syndication and expansion of my weekly distribution. This “wake up call” has me cracking open my spreadsheet and calling up newspapers again. My goal is to be back up to 5 newspapers before Tyler Comic Con in November.

COLL NEWS! – If I remain in the two newspapers under new management, September will mark my one year anniversary with these newspapers! October will mark my TWO YEAR anniversary with The Idaho World News. And more importantly, September marks 3 and a half years running in The Weekly Bulletin in Brazoria County.

I am a firm believer in hard work paying off in the long run. This has been an EXTREMELY long run. I feel like the finish line is just around the corner. The trophy will be a syndication deal with either GoComics or King Features… or it is not a trophy… It may be a Participant Ribbon that everyone gets when they realize there was never a prize and there was never going to be a winner! Hopefully there is a syndication deal waiting for me because if I get a “participation ribbon”, I am just going to keep running, looking for another finish line. In other words, I refuse to give up until I succeed. 🙂



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