Hey Promoters! Does your show need a published cartoonist to shine in your Artist’s Alley?

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I am looking to fill up my appearance schedule for 2017. I have booked four shows… Comicpalooza, Alamo City Comic Con, Bell County Comic Con and Staple!… and those expenses ate up all of my table budget for 2017. I am looking for promoters wanting to have a proven showman working the crowd in their artist’s alley.

The only way I will be able to do any road shows is if I can get my table comped because of of know I am looking to take another big loss from my appearances. I have a published comic strip running in a newspaper covering 11 cities. I have a huge following online from my website and from GoComics.

I create each comic strip the old fashioned way! I ink everything. I even ink my own lettering. Fonts are for lazy people! What I end up with is art to sell at my shows! Strips are published in newspapers in 11 cities here in Texas. I am working with a few editors and one publisher next week…. I may be in more papers soon!

AMAZING SKETCH COVERSbatman-superman-no-1-001-final-website
My sketch covers are crafted with pen and ink and washed with Copic markers. No two covers are alike. My cast from my comic strip Charmy’s Army take the lead on all sketch covers and my readers eat these sketch covers up. I take a limited amount of commissions before each show and give attendees some cool comic con swag to pick up! I give them a little something to look forward to.

I will also have some amazing sketch cards for sale… and I am adding a few surprises to my set. I am also willing to do exclusive prints for your show to print and sale, giveaway… whatever. I do not need a dime from that. I will even autograph them for free should the attendee stop by my table.

Call me at 832-385-4613 to book me now.