Meet the Cast of Charmy’s Army

It was a brisk, Fall morning at Fort Hill when a new recruit transferred to the camp where Frenchy, Weaver and Blue had just arrived at themselves not two weeks earlier. Prior this electric moment, camp life was a hopeless mess of confusion and fear. This new troop of army ants were young and naive. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they enlisted.

The new arrival was about to shake things up, breathing new life into station longing for meaning and a sense of being. Charmy has arrived and life for all would never be the same again!


Charmen “Charmy” Packy – Most of the adventures in this comic strip are lead by the most outrageously imaginative character in the history of comic strips, Charmen Packy. Every day Charmy turns the military base into a magical portal leading to the greatest gags and stories ever told. Charmy and his partners in crime will make the classic comic strip Calvin and Hobbes look tame in comparison to the adventures this troop of army ants will undertake. Charmy’s personality is a mix of Groucho meets Jim Carrey. He is a bit rough around the edges at times, but he has a heart of gold and the charisma of a rock star. With Charmy around, there will never be a dull moment in this comic strip.

Francine “Frenchy” French – The cutest star in the land of funnies resides right here in Charmy’s Army. Frenchy is just as wacky as Charmy and her imagination is just as twisted and vivid. She is the most lovable cartoon character around… except on Tuesday. Frenchy hates Tuesdays. Frenchy will touch your heart and warm your soul every other day of the week,but you should steer clear from her on Tuesdays. One big difference in Frenchy and the other characters is the fact that she is a little dingy. This trait makes her more lovable and even more silly.

Weaver Wood – This army needs a level head managing the hijinks that plague Charmy’s Army. Weaver fills that bill as the best straight man ever to grace the funny pages.With all the patients in the world, Weaver anchors every episode and grounds the absurdity which is no easy task. Wrangling in this cast of insane army ants takes a character with strong shoulders and a level head… and a flair for a little silliness.I have to toss Weaver a punchline every once in awhile… especially when the funny line is at the expense of our hero Charmy. Most of the time Weaver is in the background with his classic facial expressions. Just like the comedic straight men of the silver screen, Weaver sells a gag to the audience with the grace and favor of Oliver Hardy, George Burns or Bud Abbott.

Flimp the Chimp – Every good strip has a monkey. First there was… um… well there was that strip about the…. um…. Okay, I am sailing uncharted oceans here. A troop of army ants and a monkey makes no sense, right? Not sure what I was thinking but it is too late now. The fans love Flimp and only Frenchy understands him. Seriously, he just squawks and makes all of these rude noises and somehow Frenchy is the only one who understands every word. Flimp and Frenchy’s adventures are epic disasters which is gold in the world of comic strip humor. In real life Flimp would be sent to a zoo and Frenchy would take a long vacation in the nut house.

 – Troop leader and arch rival of Charmy
Turtle – The little guy with the big crush on Frenchy.
Blue – The guy with the blue hair and the blue soul.
Cafeteria Lady – Charmy’s OTHER arch enemy.
Davy – If Stephan Pastis can put himself in his strip, I can too. I am much better looking.

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