Davy’s Art – 2019 Top 10

What an amazing year! In June, I finally decided to add “fan art” to my show appearances. The term “Fan Art” refers to art drawn using characters that artist does not own the rights to, The artist is drawing this as a fan of the characters depicted in the art. I had vowed never to produce fan art, but after years of losing hundreds of dollars at every show appearance had me selling my soul.

For years I watch the other artists around me selling fan art and making profits at every show while I was lucky if I made enough to cover parking. Seriously, I had shows where I was lucky to make twenty bucks all weekend. People do not invest in art featuring characters they do not know. My mashups of my characters as other pop culture icons helped over the years, but I never sold enough art to make any money of note.

For the first time in 5 years, I actually made a little money at every appearance. 2019 was awesome! I want to share with everyone my Top 10 Art Pieces for 2019 so you can see why my show appearances were so successful.

10. Bugs Bunny as Vinnie Vincent

Bugs Bunny as Vinnie Vincent
Bugs Bunny as Vinnie Vincent

In May, I received a commission for Bugs Bunny as KISS’s Vinnie Vincent from my long time supporter CJ Labb and Patrice LaBranche. As I was working up this sketch cover, my wife was quizzing me as to why I do not draw fan art like the other artists. She explained that if I tried drawing a few, I could see if it drew more people to the table… and if it did, I could use the opportunity to introduce people to Charmy’s Army. Genius.

So, back to Bugs Bunny, I discovered just how good I am at drawing other characters and other drawing styles. Bugs Bunny is one of the most iconic cartoon characters ever to be animated. Lots of cartoonists actually struggle with capturing his look. I find drawing Bugs Bunny to be a breeze. I would love to work up a submission for the Bugs Bunny comic book. I might just take a stab at that this year!

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