Chicken Pot Pie Surprise!

Greater Austin Comic Con was a Success!

I wish to thank everyone who came out to see me in Austin, Texas at the Greater Austin Comic Con. I sat on an amazing panel and on a “Draw Off”. Both events were amazingly fun! I hope the audience had half as much fun as I had at these two mini events.

I sold quite a few fan art pieces… so it appears I will making more Pikachu mashups… lol….. I did not make a ton of cash on the fan art, but the sales helped me break even again. I came out about 50 bucks over break even, I wish I knew how everyone else is making money at these shows! If anyone can let me in on the secret, PLEASE SHARE!… lolol…..

The big addition for my next show in Belton, Texas will be REAL fan art…. and not just little prints and tiny art cards. I will be creating some fan art sketch covers and a few 11 x 17 pieces. Come see me at Bell County Comic Con to grab up some cool fan art… or some cool Charmy’s Army art.

The crowd was amazing! The show was rocking all weekend long and people were spending money. I talked to a ton of artists who all said they made a ton of money. I am so happy for them all! I have so many amazing friends in Artist’s Alley so it makes me very happy to see a show do well for everyone.

After years of helping me make about 100 bucks per show, my buttons have tanked all year, They are ony bringing in 10 – 20 bucks per show and take up a lot of space. They are being temporarily retired so I can use the room for a new bin full of original art. I can easily make more money with the button space. I will have the buttons on hand should anyone what to look at them, but they will not be displayed for the rest of this year.


Greater Austin Comic Con did not yield any commissions unfortunately. I need at least one per show to insure I break even. I did sell a few original sketch covers, so that helped a bunch. If you are attending Bell County Comic Con and would like a commission from me, contact me HERE.

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