INKtober DAY 24 – Underdog

INKtober day 24 - Underdog
INKtober day 24 – Underdog

Another one of my favorite cartoons, UNDERDOG! This one was on Channel 26 if my memory serves my correctly. It was also only on for a short time in reruns on that network. None-the-less, it was one of my favorite cartoon shows when I was a kid. Underdog was a character I could relate to.

As a young kid, I was not athletic at all. I had no strength and my coordination was awkwardly dizzy. We played baseball a lot at recess and I was so terrible that the kids would not let me play because no one wanted me on their team. True story. This was my life from the first grade through the fourth grade. I would go through the same drill every day. I would go out to the playground and stand there as teams were picked knowing I was not going to get a chance…. and them when I was not picked on either team, I would go draw in the library. Yes, we had no adult supervision at all.

So I related to the mild mannered geek who was secretly a superhero. I had not discovered comics yet or else Spiderman probably would have been my hero. Again, the show was not on very long in reruns, but it made a lasting impression on me.

Before everyone feels too sorry for me, things changed one summer when I grew like a freaking week and found my center of balance. I returned to school my fifth grade year and the Catholic school I went to had poured a slab and gave us a basketball court. Suddenly it was ME who was the team captain picking out players for MY team. I went on to play basketball throughout my remaining school years. Life always turns out good for me in the long run. I chalk it up to good, quality karma points.

I am behind again on INKtober. I am only one day behind. I will wake up early tomorrow and knock out a few INKtober drawings and get caught up. Then, I have to begin working on my show setup for Tyler Comic Con. It will be a busy weekend!

Stay TOON’ed for more!!!



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