INKtober Day 23 – Popeye

INKtober Day 23 - Popeye
INKtober Day 23 – Popeye

Popeye is 90 years old this year! There was a huge celebration featuring art from a ton of cartoonists earlier this year. I had contacted everyone I could in an attempt to be a part of the massive project. My request fell on deaf ears unfortunately. A few of my friends were able to get art featured… Good for them.

It is the lack of my peers hearing my voice that discourages me more than anything as I chase my dream. My fans are amazing. Without you, I would have given up by now. I totally understand the silence to be honest. I need to earn my spot. I have not been able to accomplish that standing yet.

I have a plan.

Syndication is a luxury of the ancient past. I must find another way to get noticed and respected by my peers. I need to be accepted to full membership into the National Cartoonists Society. To do this, I need to write up an amazing bio and pitch to the committee the reason they must allow me to rise to full membership. That I can do!

The issue is, I must have at least two members in good standing push my request through. I have no relationship with ANY members in good standing. That issue rolls back to the reason I am trying to get into this exclusive club.

If you happen to be a member in good standing of the National Cartoonist Society and would like to help me get in, let me know!!! I need help… 🙂


As a kid, I had a schedule to keep. Every afternoon at 3:00 it was time for Popeye and Friends on Channel 39 here in Houston. “Hey kids! Do you know what time it is?” asked my glowing box of joy. “It’s time for Popeye and Friends!” I would yell back in sync with the kids on television screaming the same response.

My favorite cartoons were the Max Fleischer cartoons. They looked 3D even though they were not in three dimensions. The manner in which they filmed the animation made the background look as though it was way off in the distance when characters who walk across the screen. It was so cool!

Today, a cartoon character is not going to be smoking throughout the show. Popeye always had his pipe smoking away. To have made it to 90 this year is pretty impressive for someone who smokes all day long. The rumor is that he never put tobacco in the pipe and that it was just a prop. Who knows. I just cannot see Popeye without his pipe. It is like seeing Linus without his blanket or Batman without a utility belt or Andy Capp without a hangover.

So, since I was not able to partake in the tribute to Popeye earlier this year with my peers, I decided I would pay homage to Popeye during INKtober. I hope you enjoy my version of the famous Sailor Man!

Oh, and by the way…. my favorite vegetable really is Spinach!

Happy 90th anniversary Popeye!!!


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