Charmy’s Army – December 17, 2018

Charmy’s Army – At The Nutcracker

For those of you who love The Nutcracker, I apologize. For those of us who have desperately attempted to stay awake during a performance, I take a bow. 

My kids were so young when we when to a performance of the Nutcracker in Galveston at The Grand 1894 Opera House. I remember we all dressed up and thought we were going to see the most magnificent performance of our lives. We were going to share memories to last a lifetime.

Oh boy did we!

It is amazing how, when we are in the now, events can seem so awful. Sometime life’s moments can be so painfully boring. Even in torture, loving memories can be made. We would joke about this unbelievably long evening for years.

One winter, I remember my wife and I sitting out in the freezing, pouring rain watching Travis play a soccer game. As horrible as the feeling was during the game, I would give anything to do it again and see him play one more game.

This Holiday season, take a second to reflect on your own memories that may have been a bad experience, yet you now look on as a Blessing. If you have such an experience, give a quick prayer to God and thank him for the memories.  The love is always present, even in the darkest hour.




INKtober – Day 23 – Weaver as WWE’s Cesaro

Well, I thought this would be the toughest INKtober. Cesaro does not have a “look” or INKtober - Day 23 - Weaver as Cesaro - SHERPA“gimmick” that would make a parody mashup recognizable. He is a bald, boring guy… but for some reason, he is cooler than anyone on the roster. Why? Because he works his butt off and his skills make everyone else on the roster look weak.

What Cesaro lacks in microphone skills, he makes up for with his work ethics and mad skills.

Today’s #MashUp features Weaver as Cesaro! There was no better choice from my cast for this. Weaver is amazing.

Now, I am writing this blog on Sunday afternoon so I have no idea what will happen tonight on WWE’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV. I am betting Cesaro will put on a clinic but will not be a major focus. The wwe just does not know what to do with him… but I bet they soon will. I love the way the WWE is going with Cesaro and Sheamus.

Tomorrow, look for Sheamus! It’ll be awesome!!!!!