Charmy’s Army – February 25, 2019

BrazCon 2019 was a SUCCESS!

I want to thank everyone for an amazing show. This small show was as productive and as lucrative as any of the big shows I appear at. The organizers are better organized than some show promoters I have dealt with in the past. What I love about BrazCon’s organizers and volunteers is that they are constantly checking on us and giving us water. Check in and out was amazing too. I dare say that this is the smoothest show I have setup at.

The panel I sat on was fun. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to talk so panels are now my thing. Should any promoters out there want me sitting on a panel, just ask me. Hearing people laugh at your silly remarks is euphoric. I never felt so successful in my life. Watching everyone hang onto my every word was uplifting. To think people are looking that closely towards me for guidance made me feel very important. I never felt so close to show attendees.

Returning fans came out to support me in droves. A few readers came out to BrazCon 2019 just to see me. I cannot thank you all enough. I had two fans I met at my VERY FIRST show 5 years ago. It was the first time I have seen them since that little collector’s show. They were the only people to purchase any art that day. Seeing them come out to meet me again was the highlight of my day!

There was so many amazing people I met for the first time as well. Tons of kids and parents who have been reading my comic strip in The Weekly Bulletin which is circulated in Brazoria County. Quite a few super fans asking me about Warrior Wench Wendy. There seems to be a need for a Warrior Wench Wendy comic book. I am going to be so busy!

THANK YOU ALL for the love and support Saturday at BrazCon.

Next stop, NEW BRAUNFELS!!!! Staying at a haunted hotel. This will be SO awesome!!!!! To follow that event page, click HERE or on the image below…




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