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Live large and be in charge. That is the moto Charmy lives by. Each day is a wild adventure. If a day is destined to be a boring, average day, Charmy will change his destiny and find a way to turn reality on its heals, carving a new path for the day.

Charmy has no fear. He runs headlong into every situation. Charmy is the perfect leader because he is so charismatic… hince the nickname. “Charmy” is short for “charming”. Charmy can charm his way into and out of anything. People naturally follow his lead, meaning he gets the rest of the gang into a lot of trouble.


After losing a stupid bet with his big brother, Weaver had to join the army. Weaver is a dreamer and does not fit in with discipline or structure. He hated army life until the day Charmy was assigned to Weaver’s troop. Now, together, they are a dynamic duo of chaos wreaking havoc and destruction on Fort Hill and the neighboring city of Ant-lanta.

Weaver’s relationship with Frenchy is like that of a big brother. He can be a bit overprotective at times… and they squabble over opinions and trivia like two young children. Their bond will appear more tightly wound than is perceived with any of the other cast members.


Frenchy is a very strong character whose whacky side rivals Charmy’s. She is super imaginative, sporting multiple characters such as the amazing escape artist The Great Fludini, ace reporter Sharon Lyes. and the epic savior Warrior Wench Wendy.

Frenchy is so crafty even though she is not the sharpest tool in the shed. She is usually the one getting the gang out of trouble sometimes from using her brain and other times by just getting lucky. Anything Frenchy wants, she gets because Charmy and Weaver believe she can do no wrong.


What is the best addition you can add to a comic strip about a bunch of ants? A monkey, of course! How do you make the situation work? You have the monkey talk gibberish that only Frenchy can understand. Yes. It is a plan destined for failure, yet the situation fits like a glove!

Flimp is an annoying monkey who gets under the skin of Charmy, but everyone else loves the chimp. Flimp lives for the “Three B’s”… bananas, bugs, and bombs. Flimp loves eating bananas and bugs… and he loves blowing things up with explosives. Think of Flimp as the Harpo Marx of the gang. His pantomime, slapstick antics helps speed up the pace of the animated series!

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Created by Davy Jones

League City, Texas

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