Who is Davy Jones?


Who am I? Good question! I am the most determined amateur cartoonist on the circuit today. I am working around the clock pursuing a dream which all my peers assure me is an impossible aspiration. I am plugging away at one comic con at a time, building a dedicated following for my comic strip. I am running up the steepest hill on this glorious planet. Who am I? The better question is, “What am I?”. I am hard headed… and I am hellbent on turning this weakening industry around. Mark my words, “I am going to turn this industry around!”

My first comic strip came about when I was in the third grade. I was the cartoonist for our elementary newspaper. I don’t recall what the strip was about, but it was funny. We did a monthly newsletter and I drew a comic strip for each issue. The paper was only actually published a few times that year. The following year our school decided it was too much work. This brief experience gave me the taste of success I needed and I was hooked.

The following year, two of my friends brought me the idea for a comic strip called The Munchskins. It was very cool. Basically, it was The Smurfs…. but YEARS before The Smurfs graced TV. We were so far ahead of our time. We never really worked much on the strip together. I filled notebook after notebook up with ideas, storyboards, sketches and ideas for parodies like Munch Trek, BatMunch & Ruben the Bot Blunder and the horror classic Munchskinstein.

In Junior High, me and my buddies split. I began my own comic strips called Basil Presents. This grew into  a strip called Just Say Cheese which I would work on for the next 25 years… and would go nowhere with. The strip was great, in my opinion, but it was too complex. I gave up on it for quite a while and thought I was finally going to admit defeat.

8=Eight years ago, I resurrected the strip and renamed my concept “Okrapolis”. For two years I placed my strip online and watched as it just went nowhere. I love this strip so much, but again, it is just too complex. I decided to just throw together something stupid. I came up with a story about an ant who drinks beer and does stupid stuff. Within a few months I had three times as many readers as I did with Okrapolis!

Over the next 6 years I have redeveloped Charmy’s Army for the better… and my audience has continued to grow. Along with my audience’s growth, my passion for cartooning has grown as well. This is all I want to do with my life. Unfortunately, the syndicates do not share my enthusiasm. I submit to all of them annually and never hear back. I refuse to give up though! I am now in the process of syndicating myself. I am going to show them!!!

I have dreamed of being a syndicated cartoonist since I was 7 years old. I can recall being in diapers drawing circles with crayons and being frustrated that they were not perfect. I loved to draw then and I have loved drawing my entire life. When I was 7 years old, I fell in love with the Sunday funnies running in the Galveston Daily News. It was at that moment that I decided I would be a cartoonist when I grew up. I never gave up on that dream and I never believed I would do anything else. Unfortunately, being a syndicated cartoonist is no easy task. Actually, it is impossible… but I am going to do it. When I do become syndicated, just watch… I am going to jumpstart this industry and rejuvenate an audience all believe is lost. I know where they are and I know how to find them.

Stay TOONed and just watch me!!!!