INKtober DAY 11 – Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Aaddams

The Addams Family was a HUGE success during INKtober. The hits on my website have been very impressive. I hope to get these cards colored soon because I would love to sell them at Tyler Comic Con on November 2nd and 3rd unless the person who requested them wishes to purchase them.

There has been tons of great child characters in television shows. I would argue with anyone that Wednesday Addams is the greatest Child character on film ever. Wednesday was goth before the term was ever conceived.

In the drawing above, I extended Wednesday’s pinky finger. Is she secretly expressing the fact that she is a dainty, little girl on the inside? Or is she flashing a gang sign? With Wednesday being an Addams…. it is more than likely the latter.

INKtober Catch-up

Again, I am playing catch-up. I had a few commissions come in. I hope to get them completed during the week so tomorrow my plan is to wake up early and draw like a mad man. Tomorrow will be a FUN day!!! I am going to juggle cooking outside too. Dang, that reminds me. I gotta go marinade some burgers. Like I said before, I am a workoholic. I have no “off switch”……



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