Well, my predictions were wrong!!! I am betting my ideas would have made for a better show.


Going to see how a RAW report goes over. This may or may not be a continued series here at http://www.charmysarmy.com


by Hormiga de Fuego

Predictable. They are not going to do anything out of the norm. Raw picks up the Money in the Bank storyline to open the show. Lesner dancing was pretty funny. Let’s make the baddest guy on the roster look like a goofball. EXCELLENT IDEA!!!! Let’s set the stage where we demonstrate our lack of knowledge that AEW is coming after us. To do this, we will debut the term “Brock Party” and make the Beast look SAWFT.

Enter Ziggler! I actually would love to see him back on top. You know the WWE is ONLY using him to put Kofi over. Poor Ziggler. “It really should have been him.” The WWE will never put the belt on Ziggler again and it is a shame. Ziggler’s promo in the aftermath was perfect. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ZIGGLER!…. but it won’t be.


So cool! Shane will wrestle on RAW!!! Or will he? In the wake of AEW’s Pay-Per-View, a live match from Shane would be a great match to counter AEW with. Oh wait, Shane is backtracking. Of course, we are not worthy. Even if he did wrestle, it would be some rookie so Shane can just run through the match.

Randy Orton

Yeah, I forgot about the upcoming feud with Randy and Triple H. My prediction would have never held up. The WWE has finally decided to build the match tonight. The video package was flashy, but I would rather see something happen to nake the match valid…. not a video showing the history between the two, Using the video package to explain the match is lazy.


Shane hits the ring a second time to educate everyone on the history of Samoan wrestlers. Yawn. Let’s call out how bad these old school wrestlers and make the past weak, lol…. Oh wait! Shane is calling out someone! Who is is going to wrestle? Cut to commercial. Of cool! Who is it? Is it going to be Rikishi? I cannot wait!!!! Come on stupid commercials!!! Finally they are going to make a statement and bring back a legend!!!

Who the HECK is that guy? Lance something or another. Oh, now Drew Mcintyre beats him up for Shane and the battered body is squashed. Boring. This is aweful chants! Lance makes a brief comeback before Lance is locked up and has to tap out. Crowd is dead. Roam hits the ring and delivers a Superman punch to Shane.

Typical RAW so far.


Brock is acting like his briefcase is a boom box… or BeastBox… is playing music. The ring has a referee in it. Key Rollins. Burn it down! Heyman reads the rules and Brock lights up.

LAUGH OUT LOAD MOMENT. Brock has NO idea he has a year to cash in the money in the bank contract! Brock repeatedly slaps Heyman with the contract. CLASSIC!

Then the spot is ruined with a 24/7 title run in. I hate this title with a passion.


I am not a fan of the Iconics having these titles. They can easily prove me wrong, but they are falling flat in my opinion. Potential is there, but their scripted jabs are weak. Writers need to step up.

Peyton of the Iconics start out strong. I am impressed! Tactical wrestling is more complected than given credit for. Peyton is out and the match crumbles. Nikki Cross in the air to the outside and we cut to commercial.

Billy Kay out and Peyton comes in as Becky Lynch comes in as well.All heck breaks loose… screeching ensues Weak finish and The Man wins. Lacey Evens hits… and leaves. Slow segment.


Didn’t we see this last week? Same match… different results, This time Ricochet wins. So predictable that I wrote this before the match began. The match was pretty good though. One amazing near fall spot after another at the end. The last finisher was absolutely amazing… and dangerous. Great match. These two had to even things up and build a program. We may see these two teaming up as a new tag team in the future once issues are worked out.


Winner gets a Universal title shot. Stroman and Lashley has a program scheduled at the Super Showdown so neither of them will win. Corbin is replacing AJ so he shouldn’t win, right? Miz should be the winner. Let’s see. Could be a “no decision” and all will be involved for the title. Commercial break.

Typical back and forth match. Crazy spot from Stroman driving everyone off the ring post. Heals team up as expected. Crowd begins to die. Commercial break saves the slow pace.

Miz is rolling. Stroman is back in. Heals are getting these hands. Stroman and Lashley leave the ring and take it backstage. Miz is on fire. Corbin pins Miz and I guess they decide Stroman and Lashley left the match. Last second replacement Corbin wins and moves on to Super Showdown.

The Miz should have won in my opinion. Hopefully they have something else brewing for The Miz.


New interview segment. Sami Zayn is asked questions which are supposed to be unrehearsed and surprising. We are really to believe the questions are coming from the WWE universe? lol….

Question one: When is your retirement date, No answer. Question two, Do you miss the ginger snaps from the mix match challenge? Dumb response. Question three, How does it feel when Stroman destroys you? Dumb response. Question four, why ahve you not won the Universal Championship? Dumb response. Sammy brings up AEW!!!! Chants BEGIN!!!! And Rollins music hits to kill the chants.

I cannot believe Sami mentioned AEW!!!! “You guys are stupid! You coould ask me anything! You could have asked me about AEW!!!!

Looks like Rollins and Zayn are going to fight next. Commercial break.

Match is what you would expect. Back and forth action. We know Brock Lesner is still there. I have a feeling the shot we saw was recorded earlier. I doubt Lesnar is still there. Meanwhile, Sami is on the offensive. Back and forth. Okay match and Rollins tweaks his knee. Work? Knee is in a bad way. Zayn attacks the knee. Obviously a work. Zayn applies Figure Four. Rollins is in pain but will never tap. Hols is reversed just like the move was reversed during the Rhodes match at AEW Double or Nothing. This was not a jab…. just a coincidence,

Nearly 10:00 so we should be rapping up. The knee is killing Seth. Maybe Brock IS here, ready to cash in. Seth wins! We wait for Brock….

One minute left. Tick tock…. Announcers dribble on about the match. Tick tock. No Brock. I knew he went home.

Another meh ending to RAW. Overall, an ordinary old RAW. I was expecting something to counter AEW. To be honest though. This was the WWE’s best move. Until AEW is on the main stage weekly, there is NOTHING to fear.



HORMIGA DE FUEGO is a six time World Champion and two time tag team champion in Mexico’s EWE, Extreme Wrestling Empire and can be seen in the comic strip Charmy’s Army. Hormiga de Fuego’s opinions do NOT reflect the opinion of any other cast member or the creator, Davy Jones, of Charmy’s Army. Hormiga de Fuego took a TON of headshots with one too many steel chairs in his career. Blame his multiple concussions for his big mouth…. and misshapen skull.


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