Meet Legendary Wrestler “Hormiga de Fuego”!

Charmy's Army introduces a NEW character in their comic strip.

The Legend Returns

He has held most major titles in Mexico’s Mid-South Eastern Valley Due West Territory… also known as the Deep Valley Territory and Deep Valley Wrestling. He is idolized by millions including nearly every professional wrestler on the circuit today. Now, this legend makes his debut in the comic strip Charmy’s Army.

Hormiga de Fuego has held 15 DVW titles over his career. He even held the short-lived Tag Crew Belt which was the title belt for the short run Tag Crew Division where tag “teams” consisted of three partners. These matches would run for upwards of three hours and was a miserable failure.

One of Hormiga de Fuego’s most impressive achievement was the fact he held the DVW World Title Belt 27 times over his career. He also held the Tag Team belts 12 times with four different partners. He was also a title belt holder for the Cruiser-Weight Division, the Mixed Tag Division, the Hard Core Division, the Mud Wrestling Division, and the Fan Vote Division. The other titles were short-lived divisions like the One-Hand-Tied-Behind-Your-Back Division, the All-Weapons Division, and the Extremely Fat Heavy Weight Division. For the Extremely Fat Heavy-Weight Division, Hormiga de Fuego put on 458 pounds to make weigh in!

Hormiga de Fuego’s work with charities around Mexico cemented his legendary status. He made 2,965 visits to children’s hospitals, 1,207 visits to orphanages and donated nearly 12 million dollars to various charities around Mexico. He received a total of 32,654 “Key to the City” honors and was grand marshal to 854 parades.

Hormiga de Fuego says that of all the legends he wrestled, his match known as the Blood Bath Beating against Mick Foley was his best match ever… from what he remembers of it. The match was so bloody that the ring could not be salvaged for the main event which followed so the main event was cancelled. That has never happened in the history of professional wrestling!

For nearly a decade, Hormiga de Fuego’s whereabouts has been unknown. After dropping the DVW World Title for the final time, the iconic wrestler disappeared from the public eye. Thanks to some heavy negotiating, I have brought the Mexico’s greatest wrestler out of retirement!

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If the responses are positive for Hormiga de Fuego, I will work up a special comic book starring my new acquisition.

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