2019 Cartoonist Of The Year Nominees!

Congrats to the five nominees…
Lynda Barry
Stephan Pastis
Hilary Price
Mark Tatulli
Brian Basset

What an amazing group of nominees! I cannot begin to tell you how much I am inspired every year seeing these nominations announced. It fuels me to work harder at this dream I have prayed for since I was 5 years old. I live through the nominees every tear, dreaming this will be me up there one day should a syndicate ever give me a chance. Heck, just to hear back from them would be awesome… lol…. I am always on the bottom of that submission pile!

The drawing above is something I gave to Stephan Pastis when I met him 5 or 6 years ago. I maybe said three sentences to him while he signed a print I brought to him to sign. It is all a blur. In less than a minute I had grabbed his signature and gave him this drawing. I think I may have thanked him for the inspiration he unknowingly gifted me with. For all I know I just formed a bunch of words together hoping they made a rational sentence. I was so nervous. I had heard how Stephan got his start because Dilbert’s Scott Adams had pushed the syndicate to pick Pearls Before Swine up. Getting that kind of impression is 42 seconds was impossible.

I was so inspired by Stephan’s presentation prior to the signing that I began looking into comic cons. Stephan’s success was the big push for me to begin my comic con tours. These annual appearances has grown a HUGE audience for Charmy’s Army. I am hoping a syndicate will pick me up soon after the mega success I was blessed with last year. I am ready to take my own show on the road to comic cons across the United States should I ever have my comic strip syndicated. It would be awesome to make appearances outside of Texas. I have readers all over the country asking me to appear at their local comic cons. That is currently impossible with my real job. Driving to and from these shows would take four days or more per show. With the freedom of syndication, I could travel with ease and meet all of my readers around the United States.

I am a HUGE fan of Mark Tatulli’s work. His comic strip Lio has inspired a few of my own strips. Most recently, the strip where Charmy goes “wabbit” hunting was a direct influence and nod to Mark’s work. Mark juggles Lio and Heart of the City, two amazing comic strips. With the day job, I have enough problems juggling Charmy’s Army for the weekly newspapers Charmy runs in. I can only imagine the work I could push out if I focused on my comic work on a full time basis. Mark is one of my biggest inspirations and source for motivation.

I wish all the nominees the best! I am not going to pick a favorite because they are all winners in my eye!




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