Charmy’s Army – January 14, 2018

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Next weekend, I will be in Victoria, Texas for my first of many appearances scheduled for 2018. This is the fifth and final year for Victoria Comic Con… so I am excited and saddened all at the same time.

I am so excited about this show’s reputation. I have heard nothing but amazing experiences from vendors. I also hear the promoters are the nicest people in the business. I cannot wait to meet them both! I am also very happy to meet an entire new audience from a city I have yet to pitch my work to.

I am also very excited to visit this great little city. My wife’s mom and dad were stationed there when her dad was working construction back when Debbie and I were first married. There was a kolache bakery they took us to that I plan on hitting that morning when I drive up. I am leaving my house around 4:00 am so I can be there around 6:30 am and eat breakfast at this amazing bakery. I love a good kolache. There are so many “fake” kolache bakeries popping up everywhere who know nothing about kolaches. If the bakery does not offer Poppy Seed kolaches, you are more than likely eating “fake” kolaches.

I am bummed that they are pulling up stakes. I hear the city has made life so difficult for this show. I hear more and more news regarding cities getting greedy, forcing out shows for whatever reason. The cities either want to do their own show and run out the little guys…. or the raise fees and taxes on the smaller shows… or they organize big events on the same weekend as they try and compete with the show. Whatever the reason is here, I feel for the promoters who have worked so hard over the past 5 years to build an amazing show for the city of Victoria. That said, I have no idea what the real story is.

If you are in the area of Victoria, Texas… come out and see me! Follow my event page to snatch up one of a kind art before the show begins and guarantee your purchase…


Charmy’s Army – January 7, 2018

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If anyone missed my AMA Feed Live Event from today, please check it out HERE. I answered all sorts of questions about my comic strip. Fun read… I hope.

I felt it when well. I had about twenty questions come in. That was pretty good. To be honest, I was afraid no one would ask any questions. I am very happy about the number of people who showed up to ask me a question. On the other hand, I was hoping that people would jump over to my website so i could get some new readers. That did not happen.

I saw no hits from the AMA website.

That said, I will not be doing anymore feed events anytime soon with AMA. I may do a Live Facebook Feed sometime before Comicpalooza. Keep reading my blog for details.

I have two shows in the next four weeks!!!! I am going crazy. So busy!!!!! Shows are fun, but the work involved is insane. I am hoping this year will be the year my investment begins paying off. Literally, I hope it pays me something, lol…. losing money every show is not a smart business move… in most cases. For me though, I am growing a following. If I was doing Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, I would be paying a lot more cash and getting less than loyal readers. The personal tour is cheaper and more personal. I am making fans for the life of my comic strip.

I hope the new year is going great for everyone!!!!  I am thinking this year will blow away 2017 from Charmy’s Army…. And 2017 was an amazing year!