Backstage at the WWE Headquarters…

Charmy wants to meet WWE'S Chairman Vince McMahon.
Charmy wants to meet WWE’S Chairman Vince McMahon.

Charmy is backstage at WWE Headquarters at this point in the story. I will be expanding this into a 28 page comic book if I can get the proper approvals. The story will lean on more WWE cameos. Heck, it may not be worth asking permission as the first issue only sold 420 copies. A royalty would kill any profit I would squeeze out of another issue.

Looking over my show appearances, I am ONLY making appearances at small shows (except for one – Comicpalooza) which is why my books are moving slower than I’d like. I move between 10 at a slow show and 20 or 30 at a busy show. Compared to the publishers I have sat next to, my book sells 5 -1 over their comic books.. which is great! That said, I need to push out 20 – 30 at every show. Bottom line is, I need to book huge shows and cut out these shows with tiny attendances. At the one huge show, Comicpalooza, I will sell 65 or more every year.

In Texas, I have only two choices… Comicpaoolza here in Houston and Dallas Fan Days. There is one other large show in Texas called Alamo City, but for as huge as the show is, the traffic in Artist’s Alley is very poor. I may have just had bad placement each year, but for me the experience both years was heartbreaking.

Comicpalooza here in Houston is an amazing show where I do extremely well every year. I have a very supportive following at that show who all come out to buy stuff from me every year. Seeing these same faces every year is such as great lift to my spirits. I feel like I am seeing my friends from school after a long summer break.

I have not made an appearance at Dallas Fan Days yet. The show is a few weeks before Comicpalooza. I cannot do two shows pitted so closely together. At least, so far, I have not. In 2020, I want to do this show in Dallas. Believe it or not…. I have NEVER appeared at a show in Dallas.

I may only invest in TWO shows next year. One will be Comicpalooza because I do so well there and I have a supportive following that I owe my appearance to year after year. The other investment will be one of three shows…. Greater Austin, Bell County, or Dallas Fan Days.

Why cut back when I am on an upward swing? Artist’s alley is SO tough! I have to work like crazy prepping new art for each show. That is holding me back from making more books which I plan on selling as Digital Publications. I also need more time to spend contacting newspapers. I wanted to add at least three more newspapers this year and I have not added any. I have only reached out to a dozen papers so far. You have to remember, I work a full time job. With drive time and cooking dinner, I have about an hour or two which I can use to work at an effective pace. Most evenings I am so drained it is all I can do to boil a bag of rice!

That all said, I love making these show appearances. The rush of meeting a real life fan who knows everything about your characters is mind blowing. Walking away with a pocket full of money is encouraging. Hearing people laugh at your jokes when you sit on a panel is inspiring. Eating at some of the coolest restaurants and exploring new towns and cities is just AWESOME!!! Sharing all of these experiences with my wife this year has been exhilarating.

Those reasons I just mentioned are why I know I will be back grinding away on the road again next year. I just need a syndicate to bite… put me in newspapers across the country so CARTOONING is my full time job… and the shows and the prep will just be a part of the 9 to 5. Oh, dream you little dreamer….