Charmy’s Army – March 19, 2018

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Time travel… that would be so awesome. I love the entire idea of time travel and marvel at all the creative stories I could come up with… and will soon. I have to admit one thing though, I just do not believe it is possible. Time is a measurement we created to track and measure existence and to look back on historic events with a measurement of human spiritual growth based on historic events.

That said, I love the idea of traveling back and forth through time. I am going to evolve the above strip into a bigger story for an upcoming comic book. I am still working on the hook. Charmy needs a reason to travel through time. I do not want the concept to be a rip off of the same old, same old.

If you could travel back in time and see one thing, what would you like to see? I would love to see The Beatles performing in Hamburg. Once they land in the U.S., I doubt a time traveler would be able to secure a ticket for their sold out shows. I would also love to go way back and see the Four Nightingales… aka The Marx Brothers… performing their Vaudeville act. I would not want to back back any further than that. So many diseases and plagues…. Just not smart.

So many people would say that they would love to go back in time just to change their own past. That is one thing I would never want to do. I have no regrets and would not change a thing about myself. That is not a conceited statement, it is just the fact that I accept who I am now because I have been shaped and molded into who I am from the events of my past. I was picked on when I was very young because I was super shy. That molded me into the super cool athlete in high school who befriended everyone because I always saw everyone as my friends. That led to a few guys on the basketball team giving me a super hard time in high school leading to me becoming SUPER shy and removed from socializing once the final basketball season was over. That is when I threw myself into my art and became the kick butt artist and creator I am today. No regrets.

Be happy with who you are. You are awesome!!!!

– Davy


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Charmy’s Army the Comic Strip

03MAR2018_CHARMY - WEEK 12 - 0318-0324 - COLOR - WEB