Charmy’s Army – June 11, 2018

06JUN2018_CHARMY - WEEK 24 - 0610-0616 - COLOR STACKED - WEB

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I am NOT complaining. My cartooning is in high demand!!! This is my dream coming true. Now I am working on a page for an upcoming comic con’s special comic book and it is looking amazing. I will share the art closer to showtime in August.

I am also prepping like crazy for the Greater Austin Comic Con’s debut show. I want to make an impact for the promoter and my dear friend Vo. I have been working non-stop for weeks now printing prints to restock inventory. I am also hoping to debut 18 new print cards! I am coloring the last one tomorrow. Along with that, I will have one new print. I only have 50 comic books left and hope to sell them out over the two days the show runs.

If you are in Austin, Texas this Father’s Day weekend, stop by the HEB Center in Cedar Park for the Greater Austin Comic Con and see me. I am on a corner either in the front or back of artist’s alley. I am terrible at reading maps. Wherever I am, I am going to rock my area. Come by and join the party!

– Davy




Charmy’s Army – The Comic Strip

06JUN2018_CHARMY - WEEK 24 - 0610-0616 - COLOR - WEB