Charmy’s Army – October 23, 2017

10OCT2017_CHARMY - WEEK 43 - 1022-1028 - COLOR - STACK - BLOG

Happy Halloween!

Too early? No way!!! Halloween is such a cool holiday. TMC is airing classic Universal monster movies… the greatest horror movies of all time. My favorite? The Invisible Man. The look they take into mental illness is so disturbing. You watch as this seemingly normal guy is enveloped by insanity.

I also love the Abbott and Costello horror movies, of which A&C Meet the Mummy is my favorite. It is not the best, but it is my favorite of the “Meeting” movies. That said, it is not my favorite spooky movie by these two legendary comedians. Nope. My favorite spooky tale… well not really spooky… is The Times of Their Lives from 1941.

The Times of their Lives is an amazing ghost story that spans a few generations, focusing on a pair of lost souls who cannot make their way to Heaven. They were framed and wrongfully branded as traitors during the Revolutionary war. It is a movie that I have dreamed about rescripting for a modern day release. If I ever get this comic strip running, I plan on using my weight and momentum to bring this project to life.

Next week, I will have ANOTHER spooky strip for everyone!!! See ya then….


INKtober – Day 22 – Frenchy as Eleven

Please do not think less of me, but I have never watched Stranger Things. I do not have INKtober - Day 21 - Frenchy as Eleven - SHERPANetflix. I studied up on the show and this character via the internet and I am enamored with the storyline! I have not seen the show and I am a fan.  I am going to grab up the Bluray for Season One.

I can already see a button in this sketch card’s future. Frenchy does an amazing job once again as she transforms from that cute little ant and becomes a totally different person. Those eyes are just amazing!!!! Frenchy proves once again that she is one helluva actress!!!!!

So, here I am on day twenty two of INKtober! This month has flown by but it is NOT over.


If you have an idea for a mash up PLEASE leave your idea in the comments. What is your favorite superhero? Who is your favorite action hero? Comedian? Musician?


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