Today’s Comic Strip is a “Matter of Opinion”

Today's comic strip is a 
"matter of opinion"!

Opinions are like… wait, there are kids her… um…

Opinions are like… BELLY BUTTONS. Everyone has one but some are innies and some are outties. Some people like to hide them and some people love to flaunt them. Some people will pierce them and others would rather die first. There are rumors that Barbara Eden was born without one! I really doubt that is true…

That brings up a very controversial subject here at Charmy’s Army. Why do these ants have belly buttons? Aren’t ants hatched from eggs? Well, to be quite honest, I am not sure if anyone has ever looked closely at an ant belly. I also do not believe ants possess fingers eithjer, but my characters have them. This is a freaking cartoon…. don’t make me think please!

I have been barraged with opinions in my social feeds. My feed is full of fellow artistrs and cartoonists. If these people put this much energy and passion into their art projects, we would be seeing some amazing work cranking out. I am keeping my belly button and my opinions to myself. Instead, I am working on something that is going to blow you all away….

Warrior Wench Wendy is coming.

I completed the pencil sketch of the cover art. This inspired more ideas for his decade long dream. I created Warrior Wench Wendy nearly 10 years ago with the idea that Frenchy’s alter ego would one day take flight in a solo series. I have tweaked and molded her story all these years and I now have a wild tale with twists and turns to keep everyone on the edge of their seats for years to come.

I hope you are all doing well! Please be careful and stay considerate of others by wearing a dang mask. It does not whether you want to wear one or not when others are dependent on your decision in order to live. Stop the spread of both Covid-19 and Stupidity… and wear a dang mask!!!

Be a REAL hero.



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