Frenchy Plays an Evil Game in today’s Comic Strip

Frenchy Plays an Evil Game in today's Comic Strip

Game Night

One summer, my wife, my kids and I designated Wednesday night as Game Night. It was an amazing summer. We have a sun room in the back which housed the competitive activities. There was no television to distract us. We played dominoes, cards, and board games every week right after dinner. I have no idea why we stopped. I am sure school or sports had a hand in the this weekly event coming to a halt.

Such a shame.

This strip was inspired by a dream I had where I was in the sun room with my wife and kids as we played Monopoly, a Charmy’s Army edition. I awoke feeling so sad that I will never have that feeling back. If you have kids, I strongly urge you to give a weekly game night a try. You will never regret it.

My Favorite Game

My favorite came is called “Forty-Two”. This is a four-player domino game with two teams playing against each other. Each team sits across from each other so you have no idea what your partner’s hand looks like. It is a game of strategy and as a kid, we were not allowed to play because the grown-ups played this late at night with a platter of cold catfish and a room full of cigarette smoke.

We made a trip to Nacogdoches twice a year for a weekend to visit my grandparents in Woden. This is where the late night battles would take place. I would sit with my granny and study the game. I knew how to play this at a very early age just from watching what was going on. I would watch my Granny bid on her hand and, over time, I could tell when she was bidding poorly or if she was making a good bid. I never asked to play becuase I was having so much fun just watching my dad, uncle and grandparents having so much fun as they reflected on old times and discussed all the local gossip.

One evening, my grandfather called it a night early and I was asked to sit in. I was a natural and played like a champ. I was on cloud nine. Over the next five years, I would continue playing as my grandfather continued to bow out after the first round of games. I am not sure what I enjoyed more, playing the game… or spending time with my granny. Eating that cold catfish was pretty amazing too. I have yet to find catfish fried anywhere near as good as Granny’s catfish.


Make the memories happen. You will be glad you did.