Flimp Keeps his Pet on a Tiny Leash in today’s Comic Strip

Flimp Keeps his Pet on a Tiny Leash in today's Comic Strip
Flimp Keeps his Pet on a Tiny Leash in today’s Comic Strip

There is not enough rats in comic strips today. Okay, there is that big one in Pearls Before Swine… but other than that, there aren’t any. My rat is much cuter than Stephan Pastis’ rat. Just look at that fuzzy, cuddly coat. Flimp’s rat would be a joy to snuggle up with on a cold, winter’s day.

I asked Flimp where he found his pet. Frenchy translated for me and said that Flimp purchased this pedigree rodent from a breeder in Chicago. The rat spawns from an impressive lineage of prize winning show rats. I had no idea that “show rats” existed. Apparently, there is an annual National Rat Show where breeders showcase their pets for a renowned national award known as the Ratsy Award. It is named after Herbert Ratsy, founder of the National Rat Show.

Flimp’s rat hails from a pedigree which includes the winner of the “Liceless Category”. To win this category, not only does your rat have to have the least amount of lice, but limited scarring makes for bigger scores. Breeders must pick lice up to three times daily for months prior to the big competition just to have a chance at winning this prestigious title. This is a win for the breeder as much as it is for the rat.

That being said, I hear Rat from Pearl’s Before Swine is covered head to toe in lice. Nasty!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is so close!!! This year is so different… just like a monkey walking a rat on a leash. Neither makes sense. This year has been a heartbreaker with all the social distancing and closures of traditional Holiday outings. My wife and I fell in love with Grapevine , Texas during the Holidays. The city’s downtown district pulls out all the charm of the season during December. The old town square feels like you’ve stepped back into the Christmas Past. With the virus spiking, we pulled our plans and stayed home this year.

My mission this year was to make you all laugh and provide a little escape from the dark days we’ve been experiencing. I hope that my work was a success and you’ve all received a few laughs from my comic strip in 2020. I promise to step up my game even more in 2021. I am sure comic cons will still be shut down through most of 2021, so I will have lots of time to dedicate to my comic strip.

I will post again in a few days. Aiming for Christmas Eve.

Have your mouse a Merry little Christmas!!!!