Shocking Events in Today’s Comic Strip Inspired by REAL-LIFE Event!

Shocking Events in Today's Comic Strip Inspired by REAL-LIFE Event!

Wait! Did this REALLY HAPPEN?

Today’s comic strip was “inspired” by a real-life event. I know that you are thinking that I must live a really twisted life. Was I the one wearing lederhosen? I do believe I would rock some lederhosen, but the fact is that I have never donned the traditional German wear.To be honest, I have never witnessed a soul sporting lederhosen. This is on my bucket list. Once this dang pandemic is over, I want to go to a real Oktoberfest and bask in the Germany history and their delicacies.

So, how is this inspired by REAL-LIFE events? I wrote this in March on the one-year anniversary of Hill Country Comic Con.This was my favorite Comic Con of 2019 for many reasons. This show was billed as a family friendly comic con and was a first year show for the city of New Braunfels. Sometimes when a show is debuting for the first time in a community where a comic con has never taken place, you are looking at a bunch of vendors losing a lot of money. This show was promoted extremely well and the show was an amazing success.

The crowd was steady and people were spending money. When shows are loaded with young families, I have found that purchases are kept to a minimum in Artist Alley. This was not the case here! I sold a lot of original art and moved quite a few comic books. The people in attendance were so friendly and anxious to hear my story. I made an appearance on a panel discussion which ended with a huge round of applause. I made the crowd laugh a number of times. The laughs were not little chuckles either. I received laughter you could define as an uproar! This show rewarded me with an air of confidence like no other show has ever shared.

I was also able to spend some time with my cousin Jennifer. She came by the show at close on Saturday and picked me and my wife up and swept us away to The Gristmill for their amazing Chicken Fried Steak. It was SO COLD for mid-March, but the outdoor seating had heaters setup so the freaky weather conditions were not a factor. We had a spot where we could see the Guadalupe River which is so beautiful and packed with so many fond memories. If you have never tubed this river, put it on your bucket list. If you’ve never eaten at the Gristmill, put that on your bucket list and plan on knocking off two things on your list in a single day. Rockin’ R tubes is just on the other side of the bridge.

This show also allowed me to stay at The Faust Hotel which is a haunted hotel! Unfortunately, I never saw or heard a ghost. This quaint, historic hotel employed a great staff who were extremely friendly. There were so many great eateries within walking distance. Naegelin’s Bakery was just two blocks away. Remember, it was freaking cold. The two block walk was a sprint. I felt like I was walking a race. The convention center for the show was next door to the hotel. I parked in their parking lot and never moved my car until Sunday. Walking over to the show from the Hotel was a great experience. I have done a similar walk before, but the walk was over a mile. When I do Alamo City Comic Con, I stay on the Riverwalk and trek the river and the streets to the convention center on the Riverwalk. The last time I appeared at Alamo City Comic Con, it was at the Alamodome… and YES, I walk there from the Riverwalk. That walk was too long. I made the walk Friday and Saturday and wondered if it was worth the savings for parking both times! I believe the walk took about thirty minutes each way.

Are you still lost? How is this story ever going to explain my blog’s title? How is this comic strip inspired by REAL-LIFE events? Well, this leads me to my next memory from Hill Country Comic Con. I have cranked out a lot of commissions over the years. I have produced some amazing pieces like my mashup with Charmy’s Army and The Defenders featuring Howard The Duck. That one was a lot of work! For this comic con, I received a commission in advance from my “Super Fan” Rudy. His commissioned art piece was a scene with Charmy and the gang in lederhosen. By far, this is my favorite commission I have ever created. Why is this request my favorite? I love this one so much because the request was ONLY for my characters. This is the request of a true fan. Everyone else wants a mash-up… which I love to do. By requesting my characters doing something that brings fond memories to the commissioner, they are requesting with the purest love and respect for my comic strip.

Upon reflecting on that amazing commission, this gag was born.

I have no idea if I will ever get to appear at another comic con. I just had another show postpone until next June. I have only two shows left on my schedule this year. I do not believe they will happen. My last show was in February and if that was my last show, I will leave the circuit with my head held high. BrazCon was magical in February and would serve as a grand swansong. BrazCon earlier this year was super special and set the bar in 2020 for Hill Country Comic Con. Hill Country 2020 is still on for late November, but let;s be honest… The odds are not in their favor for a show this year.

I hope to one day see you all again. Keep wearing your masks, praying to God, and keep reading Charmy’s Army.